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An anecdote about how the social fabric of Australia has been torn asunder by totalitarian policies

This 3 October 2021 anecdote is being cited in the Gigi Foster CBA, but the URL link doesn’t work for those who are not members of the relevant Telegram group. So I’m posting a screenshot here and will archive this on

(This is a public comment by a person on a public Telegram channel, so this comment is in the public domain.)

The text states the following:

Morning Sanjeev. How do you classify the destruction of the social fabric? People are now afraid of interacting with others people. I’m observing an anxiety expressed as isolation and separation. We have relocated to a small rural town that was a hive of creative activity pre COVID. It was known for its artistic events, cultural activities ie literature and film, Italian farming community and on a gourmet food trail. That’s all on hold….although I’m sure that the Italian families still get together quietly somewhere. People don’t interact out in the streets, avoid eye contact and maintain a level of distance.

What was a strong cohesive community is being destroyed by the constant barrage of fear….

I have no idea how to qualify or measure that.

More on that…. the community used to welcome and embrace new residents and families, especially the new infants, and support the elderly by monitoring and assisting them but that has been diminished as well.

This campaign has been a very clever operation.

Once it’s over I’m sure that there will be studies done on what defines us a human collective and how societies form.

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