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Still no signal of vaccine deaths in Australia – but people are welcome to FOI the data and also do the ICD analysis

I’ve been sent a working spreadsheet. I still don’t see any additional vaccine induced deaths in Australia (you can download the spreadsheet and check) – but if anyone has the capacity to FOI relevant data and also have a perfect map from vaccine-induced deaths to relevant ICD codes, this matter can be further investigated.


1) “deaths increased significantly amongst older from the time the vaccine rollout started“. From what I can see, the increase in deaths has occurred precisely in those areas where the elderly did not get themselves diagnosed/ treated in time. I’ve got vast evidence of such collapse in diagnosis/treatment across the world including in Australia. E.g. see but there are vast reports about the cancer and diabetes catastrophe created by lockdowns.

2) “I do think delayed health care contributed to the increase in deaths but that should have flowed through from the start of 2022 and it didn’t” – I’ve not seen mortality data for early 2022 but I’d be surprised if this increase of 2021 from lockdown deaths continues at this rate for too long now. In our cost-benefit analysis, we just consider these additional deaths for 2 years (2020 and 2021, mainly 2021). Lockdowns eased during this period, panic came down a bit, and so many normal diagnoses/treatments would have started since late 2020-early 2021. And once the vulnerable die, there aren’t that many left to die (dry tinder effect). But there could well be a few spillover deaths into 2022 – more data is needed to confirm that. Essentially we should now expect average deaths for 2022 and beyond – with a little bit extra from COVID since the vulnerable who are alive today are likely to catch it. Lockdowns delayed a few deaths but didn’t increase people’s immunity: in fact, made it worse.

3) Among other things, vaccine-caused deaths are expected to leave their signal mainly in the younger groups (less than 65). In the case of the USA we do find such a signal – but that is unlikely to be from vaccines: there is clear evidence of additional heart attacks from drug overdose among younger groups. Of course, stress and unemployment can also kill (lockdown related). Unless a strong signal is picked up in Australia among those below 65 in ICD codes  that are   linked precisely to possible vaccine injuries, we can’t say that vaccines have caused significant deaths.

4) “not specifically listed” – is a statistical artefact. There are literally 100s of ICD codes (see ABS bundles most deaths into a few large “buckets” but these “buckets” change every year, as far as I know, depending on how people die (there is a lot of random variation in the minor codes). There is no specific rule for ABS to provide a consistent “bucket” narrative – it changes all the time. A lot of miscellaneous codes which don’t fall into the “big buckets” are left out in their reports. These pieces of info should, however, be available on request (e.g. FOI). My guess is that these will be found to not be related to vaccine injuries but we can’t be sure till we see the data. But without a precise mapping of likely vaccine deaths to ICD codes, any such exercise will be fruitless. Getting hold of a good doctor who understands ICD codes to specify the likely codes for vaccine-induced deaths would help. I don’t know anyone, but will put out this info once again on my blog if anyone can help. I’d be keen to dig deeper if the info can be located.

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