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My response to RUANELA Menzies regarding the North East Link Program

Have received this document from Residents United Against North East Link option A.

My response

Thanks, Ben

I’ve reviewed the document you’ve provided. Given the relatively uncontrolled migration into Australia by the federal government, without any regard to infrastructure levels in the States, and without getting the States to reform their planning policy which often restricts people from living closer to their place of work, the use of the car has skyrocketed. Congestion has become chronic. For someone who’s lived in Bulleen for over 20 years, the change has not been very welcome.

Now the residents of Bulleen and nearby areas are being asked to pay the price for decades of government mismanagement. I agree in principle with most of your suggestions about improving the NELP and if elected would ask the federal government to examine ways to support these concepts, so that the harms to residents of Bulleen can be minimised. I’m not sure about leaving a rail easement unused. Land is at great premium. Not using it for NELP could force a greater expansion of the outer borders of the project. Should circumstances change in the future, land can be recouped for rail (which I suspect is not going to happen for the foreseeable future).

Trust this is what you were looking for.

Sanjeev Sabhlok
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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