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More information to confirm that Narasimha Rao was ENTIRELY responsible 100% for Babri demolition

I’ve written a lot about this in the past, but Mr Devasahayam has sent me his recent article which provides further extensive details about what transpired when the Babri Masjid was demolished.

From Babri to JP Narayan: Tales of Two Civil Servants Who Defended Democracy

I did not know Mr Godbole personally but he had a broadly similar approach to economic issues that I do – to that extent we would have been very close had I met him before leaving India.

It appears Mr Godbole had published a book on the Babri issue in 2019 – I had missed it. I hope CVSK publishes something about the events, as well, to corroborate Mr Godbole’s story.

Rao can be partly credited (I mainly credit the IMF, based on personal information from Vinay Sheel Oberoi who worked at that time in the Department of Economic Affairs) for the 1991 economic reforms, but in 1992 he set back the rule of law in India and helped convert India into a Hindu nation. I would think that the latter was a grievous, even fatal blow to India, from which it has never recovered.

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