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Modi had the world’s most stringent lockdowns. And proof that lockdowns kill even from covid.


Some of you might have read my 2 part criticism of the Oxford stringency database:

I’m now preparing a paper based with a co-author on a subset from that database which I consider might better reflect the severity of lockdowns. Ranked on that subset, India had the world’s most stringent lockdowns – even more than China’s. See a snapshot attached.

Also sharing 2 initial scatterplots that prove that not only do lockdowns NOT reduce covid deaths, they INCREASE them. This data is not controlled for a number of variables, so that’s for further research, but we can rule out the idea that lockdowns save lives. Steve Hanke is wrong. Lockdowns don’t even reduce covid deaths by 0.2%. My paper should be ready for lodgement with a preprint server in 2-3 weeks.

And as you might have already seen my CBA for Australia with Gigi Foster, lockdowns have caused at least 36 times more harm than any benefit in Australia (and there are tens of similar CBAs from across the world which prove that lockdowns kill in vast numbers, both now and in the future). For India I estimate the harms are INFINITELY greater than any benefits (since there are NO benefits, only harms). At a minimum, at least 1000s of times greater than benefits.

I’m back to the claim I made in November 2020 to the ICC – that lockdowns are a crime against humanity. Almost 98% of what I wrote in November 2020 is still true. Download and share. In India not just all major parties but my IAS colleagues (both serving and retired) are guilty of crimes against humanity. India needs a culture of cost-benefit analysis. See my Spectator article.




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