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Gigi Foster’s Voices against lockdowns – (13) 10 April 2022

We now have a further report, the 13th, from Gigi. (See the 12th).


Dear all,

Two months on from my last missive, we are now witness to a war in Europe that is pushing covid news out of the spotlight, while the fight to recover from the covid policy nightmare in Australia and the world is far from over.

The residual covid-excused restrictions on our freedoms have still not been lifted here in Australia, despite several other countries to which we regularly compare ourselves walking back their restrictions.  Not only are some countries (like Germany) erasing their domestic restrictions as the political climate continues to shift, but it is now possible to travel to England without any covid testing, injections, or quarantines (plus, the UK’s SAGE advisory group has been disbanded). Sweden, DenmarkIceland, and Norway allow similarly unfettered entry, along with many others.  Yet in Australia, proof of ‘up-to-date’ vaccination is still required to leave the country unless you obtain a special exemption, with no religious exceptions to the vaccine requirement accommodated, and medical exemptions confined to a narrow set of reasons which will not cover every person who, due to valid physical or mental health concerns, should not get the shot.  This amounts to imprisonment, at the whim of bureaucrats, of some Australians within their own country.  While this disgrace is at least being raised by some brave politicians in Australian halls of power, it is not the only area in which discrimination based on medical status continues in Australia, with in-bound quarantine and lack of access to facilities in certain states still applying to individuals who have declined the covid vaccines.  Evidence continues to mount that the ongoing covid jabs provide temporary protection for their recipients against covid while carrying significant health risks (see herehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here).  Australian doctors continue to face coercion, harassment, and deregistration from their governing bodies when expressing opinions or giving advice to their patients that runs counter to the official government narrative about how to treat or prevent covid, with the TGA still banning existing medicines that other regions have now allowed doctors to consider as part of their toolbox in the fight against the disease (speaking of which, see here a critical analysis of a large ivermectin study that recently got a lot of attention in the mainstream media).  Coercive tactics continue to be applied against the covid vaccine hesitant, though such tactics are increasingly acknowledged to be misguided.

I review today some of the more moving developments in the public realm of which I’m aware, with thanks to many on this list who have continued to send me material.  A lot of counter-narrative activity continues to happen behind the scenes.

One amongst us has crafted the attached summary of the ongoing legal efforts to challenge the many existing jab mandates in place within organisations and regions across the country (including the recently lifted mandate in SA for certain professions).  Not reviewed in that document is the related work of Julian Gillespie and his team, about which Julian speaks here (warning: this interview contains some profanity):  Also see this letter Julian’s team have submitted to ATAGI and other individuals and groups in Australia, backed up with an impressive amount of expert evidence.  The letter is discussed by Dr Mark Hobart on Maria Zeee’s podcast here and an update on the progress of these legal efforts, presented by an involved group, is here.

A petition recently presented to the Australian Parliament to end vaccine mandates:

A useful review of Australia’s preferential voting system, demonstrating how to vote if you would like to send a strong negative message to the big parties in charge during the covid era at the upcoming election:

Non-mainstream groups have continued to gain strength in Australia over the past months. Several have embarked on intrepid initiatives, including:

A survey investigating why people got the covid jab (

letter delivered to the Australian parliament

health network producing podcasts and making other efforts to promote the ethical practice of medicine (similar to this group in Ontario)

new health network in Queensland

The Canberra Convoy (see here and here)

A self-proclaimed “independent review” of Australia’s covid policy has been announced herehere and here, and I have been asked to give a half-hour interview in service to this review which I will give to the best of my ability and in good faith, despite having serious doubts about the true independence of the review.

Some of our politicians are beginning to call out the madness (see also herehereherehere, and here), while even some established world politicians have chastised Justin Trudeau for his draconian treatment of supporters of the Canadian trucker protest movement and spoken out against the European Commission President for her irresponsible behaviour in managing the covid crisis.  Reiner Fullmich and his team are running a grand jury “show trial” for the world to see.  Still, governments and other powerful organisations continue to try to discredit those offering opinions that differ from the approved line (which itself can change quickly with political will), using force rather than dialogue with domestic protestors (also see here and here), silencing those who speak out and trying to hijack terms like “misinformation”, “fact-check” and even “terrorism”, and thereby shut down the airing and discussion of alternative perspectives on covid. (The resistance too can use those terms!) The reality I perceive is that consensus has not emerged regarding how best to promote and preserve health in the time of covid. Until and unless it does, free, widely accessible, and respectful discussion about alternative approaches amongst well-informed people with diverse views serves the best interests of humanity’s continued health.  When I see institutions running for all they’re worth in the opposite direction, pushing control-based approaches and stifling debate, this to me is a strong indicator that human wellbeing is not the maximand that these institutions are pursuing.

A selection of heartening recent writing: (presenting a realistic appraisal of covid dangers to share with the still-very-scared – who may also appreciate this personal covid risk calculator) (about the corruption of medical “evidence”) (musing on “conspiracy theories”) (on the phenomenon of the everyday facilitator of totalitarianism) (an apparent change of heart from an early pro-lockdowner) (a scientific analysis comparing the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration to those of the John Snow Memorandum) (a bit late to the party, but perhaps good reading for the still-naïve)

An insightful piece, attached, by Martin T Lally comparing the counter-covid potency of vaccines relative to that of lifestyle changes

The attached rear-view-mirror analysis of Sweden’s choices and outcomes during the covid era, to compare with the attached view of what happened in the UK when “the world went mad”

Some serious discussion is breaking through into the mainstream press (including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal) about the large costs of lockdowns and the covid panic, while podcast channels like The Joe Rogan Experience continue to air chats with impressive guests prepared to speak with authority against the mainstream covid narrative.

A few of my recent efforts, co-produced with others:

On the Nick Holt podcast

On the New Flesh podcast

Why Academia is Drawn to Fascism, a blog for the Brownstone Institute, which continues to deliver excellent pieces every day on the covid situation (I have been directly chastised multiple times for drawing parallels to Germany in the 1930s, but I am not the only one who sees striking echoes of that time (also see here) in what we see today)

A new podcast featuring my co-author Paul Frijters speaking about our book on the Pandemic Policy channel: The Great Covid Panic: What happened, why and what to do next?

Some inspiring groups and efforts overseas: (as an economist would expect, someone here trying to monetise access to alternative information about covid)

Finally, some resistance art and humour: (one might also call this an infomercial for the resistance)

Please email me if you would like to join our informal local resistance group, scheduled to meet again at a private home in just over a month.

We are in this together for the long haul.  I wish everyone on this list fortitude of spirit, continued sanity, and determination to reclaim our freedoms from the ghastly assaults upon them that have been instituted, rationalised, justified, and profited from by the elites of this era.  By working together we can speed the return of humane and sensible policy-making, patient-centred medicine, and individual freedom.


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