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Email I’ve just sent out – regarding acceptance of my nomination – and inviting the media to interview me

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My nomination accepted as a candidate for the Menzies Division

Dear all

I’ve never intended to join politics in Australia but the ultra-corrupt LibLabs with their totalitarian policies have forced me to join politics. Yesterday, my nomination as candidate for the Menzies Division was accepted by the AEC. I’m now going to fight the LibLabs to the hilt in the coming month.

You’ll recall that the LibLabs – consistent with totalitarian approach – JOINTLY attacked the new party that I had helped form (Australia’s Representatives) by changing the requirement mid-way for registration from 500 members to 1500 members. To deal with this attack on democracy, Peter Harris and Glenn O’Rourke merged their parties and are now registered to contest the elections (Australian Federation Party). We are also working together with other parties as part of a Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative – which I was instrumental in helping form. I invite all other parties to join CADCO so we can get the people to vote out the corrupt LibLabs.

Australian Federation Party is a classical liberal party with a mainly conservative membership that is committed to a united and free Australia (and no pandering to “multiculturalism” and such “woke” things). It is committed more than any other party to GENUINE LIBERTY and DEMOCRACY. We are not extremist libertarians or parochial regionalists. Instead, we are extremely cautious economically. I have a PhD in Economics from the USA and extensive experience both as an economist in Australia and senior executive in India. In India the examination I qualified in 1982 is the toughest entrance exam to any civil service in the world (100 succeed out of over 300,000). The reason I mention my personal background is that AFP is not interested in fringe policies. We support robust policies which have stood the test of time. Therefore we won’t change most policies of the LibLabs but there WILL be a major change in one area: public health, where we have seen public health terrorism, instead.

Should anyone wish to interview me on AFP’s plan for Australia, please contact me – I’d be happy to talk about the unique approach and policies of AFP. We are FAR SUPERIOR  in our goals and plans and methods compared with the LibLabs. I’ll be putting out a number of videos on my FB page. Please follow it.

And yes, the first thing we need to tell Australia is that WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY THE LIBLABS – THAT MUST BE HIGHLIGHTED IN THE MEDIA. Let the people know they’ve been cheated on a scale unprecedented.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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