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Can ANYONE in Australia show me the “once in 100 year event”? Lying LibLabs! Corrupt media!

An email I’ve sent out to Aussie politicians and media  moment ago:

Versions of this chart have been floating around on the internet – I’ve made this on my own today since today we need a 100% authenticated chart for the cost-benefit analysis on which I’m assisting Gigi Foster.

The chart shows the average mortality rate (in red) in Sweden for the past 21 years:

– the rate in 2020 (peak pandemic year) is lower than the average

– If the dry tinder effect of 2019 is averaged out with 2020, the pandemic is almost invisible.

Australia’s politicians put us through the most totalitarian policies imaginable – lockdowns, border closures, mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines, for this.


If any non-corrupt politician or media person exists in Australia, they might wish to share this with the general public. I’m disgusted with the politicians and media of Australia. And with most of its “academics” who never learnt basic arithmetic in school. And its corrupt bureaucrats who never speak the truth.

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