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A 200-page first complete preliminary draft of a Discussion Paper on agriculture policy is now available for comment

Dear all
After the launch of the 80-page Feed India paper on 17 February 2022, I shifted my attention to broader agriculture policy. I’ve compiled a preliminary draft Discussion Paper of ~200 pages at:
With a few minor tweaks this will be released by Anil Ghanwat on 21 March 2022 to the media for public comment, along with the release of the Report of the Supreme Court Committee on Farm Laws.
Like I did with the Feed India paper, I’m keen to get feedback to improve the document – either editorial, criticism of logic or accuracy, or any other suggestions. Please take some time to go through this Paper at your leisure and provide inputs that can make this into a landmark document. I’ll also share with Rajiv Gauba, India’s Cabinet Secretary and my batchmate although I have no hopes that the IAS – which has betrayed India for 70 years, will ever take into account any of the suggestions in this Paper.
Also feel free to share this draft widely. It will be improved over the coming months and the final version launched by Anil Ghanwat at a large farmers’ gathering in Delhi later in 2022.
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