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Vandana Shiva’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s attempt to massacre its own people

ADDENDUM 24 July 2022

Vandana Shiva and the Seeds of the Sri Lankan Farming Disaster




Vandana was behind the ban on fertilisers in Sri Lanka which has cut down their crops by 40%, forced them to lift the ban and BEG India both for money (credit) and food. She would GLADLY KILL MILLIONS.

Vandana ideology is GENOCIDAL. I’ve explained her roots elsewhere – for those interested.


Dossier on Vandana Shiva – a foreign-funded violence-supporting saboteur who can’t identify a rice plant



[Screenshot] – in case she deletes her tweet.

Vandana is a hypnotist and uses charming words like “seed sovereignty” and “clean earth”. But she is like a dangerous cult leader – and has already wiped out millions of tons of foodgrain in Sri Lanka which followed her into her mental ditch. Very dangerous indeed!

Good rational science and public policy can’t be made on such hypnotic words. It needs hard proof and evidence. I’ve personally seen farmers in India who showed me how badly they were fleeced by “organic” hype. They used organic techniques in one plot, and normal techniques in another. The organic plants were a micro- and stunted version of their normal crops. Organic is a disaster for the world because it will also require massive deforestation in order to be able to produce the food we need with its ultra-low productivity

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Vandana Shiva’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s attempt to massacre its own people
  1. Diane Tregear

    I am not an expert on Vandana Shiva. On the face of it, transitioning to organic, or at least non-toxic pesticide use surely cannot be bad? I am aware of the big ag’ narrative that crops apparently require chemicals to produce enough food. Is this similar to big pharma insisting we can’t leave C19 to our immune system but must take their poison potion? Mono-crops desimate the earth, requiring constant ‘synthetic’ fertilisation and toxic pesticide use. Shifting from mono-crops to rotation crops, or no till crops are not only non-toxic, deter pests, but give good yield. A win win I would have thought. Again, I am not an expert on what has occurred here. Just an observer wondering if the baby might be being thrown out with the bathwater by vilifying this women?

  2. NS

    Mr Sabhlok, I am surprised and disappointed that a well educated man like you has fallen into the trap of viewing all eco-fighters as evil and having some ‘cunning manifesto’ in their fists. It would be important for you to ask this question to yourself: what would Vandana Shiva gain from this?

    The anwer is: nothing.

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