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The myth of Archie Kalorkerinos

Someone shared this:

Back in the 1970s there was a MD named Archie Kalorkerinos. He worked in remote communities with Australian aborigines. He was horrified to discover that around every second child died before the age of five. Many died after having regular childhood vaccines. His peers ridiculed his findings but he persisted in his research. Kalorkerinos discovered that if he gave the aboriginal kids vitamin C and ensured they were not underweight, they were less likely to be vaccine injured or die.


Just because someone is an MD don’t believe in them. Is there at a minimum any peer-reviewed record of his findings? Do we have any verifiable data?

The fact is that 5 out of 7 children have ALWAYS died in the course of human history, only 2 survived to old age. That’s why all women had 7 children on average. My mother was one of seven children, my father was one of nine.

All this changed in the 18th-19th century first because of public health (sewerage, filtration of water), then because of vaccines. Today virtually no child dies at all. That’s the miracle of modern science and hygiene.

In the 1970s in remote communities, most Aboriginal children would have died anyway due to poor hygiene (that’s still chronic in under-developed communities across the world), so we need to distinguish natural deaths of children (5 out of 7) from any deaths caused by vaccines.

Since vaccines have massively extended lifespans and reduced child mortality to close to zero across the world, the idea that vaccines killed Aboriginal children in large numbers is simply untenable. The MD concerned was a fool or scamster. Don’t listen to “case studies”. Look at the Big Picture.

In my father’s and mother’s generation, vaccines came to India. As a result NOT ONE of their 7 and 9 siblings died. Consequently India had a huge demographic boom in that generation and the next. This boom will naturally end as women choose to have 1-2 children. But the data about vaccine effectiveness is so powerful, no one can challenge it.

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One thought on “The myth of Archie Kalorkerinos
  1. Derek brown

    This blog post is disgusting Sanjeev. I honestly had a good opinion of you – before reading this complete load of rubbish! How dare you presume to rubbish a great man’s reputation out of your foundation of ignorance!

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