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Noting some references cited by those who oppose ALL vaccines (i.e. the genuine anti-vaxxers)

Let me clarify that I consider anyone who opposes ALL vaccines to have an equal right to anyone else on the matter. Their belief is fully protected in a civilised society, as is their right to bodily autonomy. Their views (and concerns) also need to be thoroughly explored by a Royal Commission and any recommendations made for improvement.

I’ve spent a couple of minutes to make note of the references cited by some people (I have missed many others) and time permitting will personally educate myself. If you have a spare moment, feel free to add your references in the comments section of this blog post:


Dr. Paul Thomas (a pediatrician in USA) – study about the health of vaccinated children as opposed to unvaccinated children –

Some others referring to Children’s Health defence.

The High Wire.

Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries – and watch her videos on polio or small pox.

Dr Judy Wilyman and her book Vacci-nation.

“Vaxxed – From Cover-up to Catastrophe” – movie

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