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What are the arguments of the socialists regarding farm laws/ MSP?

Time permitting I’m planning to write a 3-4 part article demolishing the ridiculous arguments of the socialists. There is no end to their stupidity so I can’t obviously spend time on each and every concoction that they cook up.  But at least the big ones.


“Why is the government running away from giving legal responsibility for MSP? Who will take the responsibility for MSP outside the ‘Mandi’?” Randeep Surjewala said. [source]

Supreme Court order and Committee


This is a placeholder post where I’ll compile the source arguments and videos, and finally consider how to assemble the arguments. Some of this research might prove useful if and when Anil Ghanwat’s challenge to a debate is accepted by Rakesh Tikait.

Tikait’s demands

“MSP based on the comprehensive cost of production should be made a legal entitlement of all farmers for all agricultural produce so that every farmer of the country can be guaranteed the MSP announced by the government for their entire crop. Withdraw the draft ‘Electricity Amendments Bill, 2020/2021’,” [Source]

Avik Saha’s arguments [html]

Vivek Gupta’s arguments

Yogendra Yadav’s arguments

The Modi committee report?

The PM should give an answer on the MSP demand that he had supported as Gujarat Chief Minister in 2011, Tikait said. He said Modi was part of a committee that had suggested to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that a law guaranteeing MSP was required. “The report of this committee is lying in the PMO. There is no need for a new committee… You implement your own committee report,” Tikait said. [Source]

Among the most important demands they are pushing is a law recognising MSP. Minimum Support Price (MSP) is a mechanism accepted by the government since the 1970s to ensure that paddy and wheat farmers are protected against a sharp fall in market prices. This is an accepted policy, and the government says it is committed to implement it. Then why is there hesitation in backing it by legal legislation?  [Source]


  1. Pushing Sharad Joshi down a stage
  2. Threatening to demolish warehouses. Rakesh Tikait calls for demolishing godowns being built by private companies if Centre does not repeal Farm Laws



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