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The court-released Pfizer post-market report doesn’t tell us anything new

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) have managed to get Pfizer to publish its analysis of adverse reactions to the vaccine.

A key extract below:

This is not new information – it was widely available in the public domain through VAERS and other such databases.

Pfizer says: “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues. Surveillance will continue”.

The same limitations of VAERS that I’ve discussed earlier apply to this analysis.

Further, the problem in this published Pfizer report is that the denominator (which would tell us about the proportions) has been hidden from public view – but is likely to be in the hundreds of millions of doses administered till 28 February 2021. It has been hidden because it is presumably “commercial-in-confidence” information.

This might not be the final death knell for these vaccines – which should never have been offered to the younger people given the risks. Those taking the vaccine should be informed of these risks. That’s the main thing. Plus I believe that the fact that 10k+ claims for compensation have been lodged in Australia is sufficient to stop the vaccine rollout.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “The court-released Pfizer post-market report doesn’t tell us anything new
  1. Sue

    But the exact POINT is that this information is not only already available, but also that it HAS BEEN available to Pfizer. The entire time.

    That the company KNEW this data, shred with WHO, FDA, CDC et. And they STILL continue -at all these places, as well as in the news and other places to force this – well beyond precedent and well past when other similar products were removed, is the entire reason for this release.

    Now, we need prosecution, sentencing and closure.

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