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All India Kisan Coordination Committee (AIKCC) vs All India Kisan Sangarsh Coordination Committee

The KCC was started by Sharad Joshi and canvasses reforms. The Sangharsh Committee is a branch of the Congress Party and wants TOTAL communism.

All India Kisan Coordination Committee (AIKCC)

The All India Kisan Coordination Committee (AIKCC) since its inception from the early 1980s has been leading a sustained struggle to free farmers from the exploitative policies of the various govts at the centre and the states.

AIKCC from the beginning have been demanding freedom for farmers from the various trade restrictions and controls that deny farmers the right to get a remunerative price for their produce.

In a letter address to the Agriculture Minister by AIKCC (All India Kisan Coordination Committee) Dinesh Sharma said, “We welcome the steps taken by the government to free farmers from the stranglehold of APMC markets. We are happy that through the first of the three Acts now passed by the parliament, granted freedom to farmers to sell their produce outside the APMC markets. We request you to provide sufficient legal remedies to farmers to enable them recover their dues from those traders or buyers who default on their payments to farmers on some pretext or other. This will help remove misconceptions from farmer’s minds about this act and will make it more acceptable to the farmers”.

Gunavant Patil, Secretary KCC and Past president further added, “if some state governments are opposed to the 3 laws and continue to oppose them indefinitely, we demand that it be made optional for states to accept or reject the 3 laws so that the federal spirit of accommodation is accepted by all concerned”.  [More details here].

Also this news report:


All India Kisan Sangarsh Coordination Committee

This is a small group of a few Congress supporting farmers associations. They represent maybe a few farmers from north India who are able to sell some of their crops at MSP. For the bulk of the farmers, MSP is not even an option. (I’m trying to dig into the data). Being heavily funded by political interests, they have their own wikipedia entry and website. Their manifesto. Their Twitter handle.

You know who these are (communists) when you see the name of Kavitha Kuruganti in their midst, and arch-socialist Yogendra Yadav.




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