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My recommendation to my children: LEAVE. NOW! As soon as possible.

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My recommendation to my children: LEAVE. NOW! As soon as possible.

I brought them to Australia 21 years ago hoping this country will be good for their future. But I was VERY wrong.

Australia may or may not be recoverable as a Western civilisation nation anymore – that’s my fight but it does not need to be their fight. Let them go to a nation which values BASIC freedom. And BASIC integrity.

It took a long time for many Jews to decide to leave Germany. Likewise I was vacillating about Australia for quite some time now – for my children. But I’m very clear now. I’m happy for any risks to my children from Mother Nature (covid). I’m NOT happy for any risks to my children from government coercion (mandatory vaccine).

I will stand and fight for Australia’s future but my children don’t need to. The VAST majority of Australians have supported tyranny and happily attend segregated events (like the Melbourne Cup) and laugh and celebrate – leaving their brethren behind. Such people have proven to be no better than the pre-WWII Germans.

I don’t think my children need to be in this kind of Australia any more. Let those who can, fight. Let the rest leave.



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “My recommendation to my children: LEAVE. NOW! As soon as possible.
  1. Buddy Rojek

    I feel the same way.. Australia is not following the rule of law and the media is not holding the politicians to account. The media is completely under the control of the State, through threats of withholding funding. I don’t think the press was beholden to government advertising revenue in the times of the Third Reich. It is now!

    See my video. How do we create new political parties when the government intelligence agencies know everything about our political strategies? And tell the political parties in advance? See my video. I am planning to sell up and move permanently to Ukraine. At least Ukraine does not coerce its population to vaccinate, it still allows people to leave its borders and return, it still follows international law and human rights.

  2. Anthony Cincotta

    I believe that you are correct in your summary of Australias position. I hope that your children take your advice and find a safe haven from global tyranny.

  3. Mike

    The question is how to leave without vaccination to board a flight.

    I could see the writing on the wall clearly and there’s two problems. One I just mentioned and secondly go where? It seems the only place safe is Florida or similar red states in America. Australia has fallen into a Chinese like state and there’s no escaping whilst people accept and believe there’s a deadly virus requiring vaccines to survive.

  4. Buddy Rojek

    I have permanent residency in Ukraine, I am writing this from Ukraine, I used ot live in Melbourne. I escaped. . my daughter is here from a previous marriage. She has a better life here than in Australia in my opinion. But I must make money, Ukraine is cheap but wages low, so Australian money goes a long way. I will continue to work in Australia a few months a year to support her and my wife, but I hope the borders are NEVER CLOSED AGAIN and I am separated from my family for over a year. see my youtube channel and connect with me if you agree and want to pursue these matters in the courts. If our Judges are truly impartial!

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