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My comments re: the ANTI-LIBERTY culture of Australia, and why it can’t be fixed

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No matter what the political outcome for Australia, it is now clear to me that everyone in Australia (and perhaps everyone in the world, elsewhere) needs to have at least some base in a minimum of two countries.
I believe the USA must come at the top of the list for every human on this planet as a place to seek at least permanent residency of some sort (which is mainly possible when one is young, not old like me). That is because Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and other great men of the 1770s laid out a Constitution which provides at least some shelter to all men when things go pear shaped. Also, it has a tradition of liberty which is not possible to stifle, except in Democratic states.
I will NOT be recommending to my children to stay on in Australia for the rest of their lives (which was my earlier hope). I will support their attempts to get a base in at least two countries of the world.
Governments in Australia (and the way the people have supported them) are fickle, unreliable, criminal organisations. They have no regard for Australia’s own Constitution or the laws. They have proven themselves to be first rate gangsters and we must learn from this episode. Anyone with the talent and capacity (and youth) to get a base in a second country should do so.
I was a fool to have praised Australia’s governments in many articles and books. I will NEVER make that mistake again.
Btw, this should not have been news to me. I had read Voltaire’s Candide when I was young, and KNEW all along what governments do, and can do. I will not fall again into the trap of believing that “this time is different” (ie. Australia is somehow different). Australian governments are no better than the worst in human history.
A debate about my recent comment. My response:
Just like in India there is simply no concept of liberty in the minds of the people, there is NONE in the minds of the overwhelming majority of Australians. There are historical reasons for this. They have never had to fight for liberty.
There is not the slightest education about liberty in Australian schools.
USA is radically different. I have explained this elsewhere.
There are huge cultural differences between Americans and Australians. I’ve lived in the USA for 5 years and in Australia for 20+ years. The USA is a category in itself. Nothing like its ferocious pro-liberty culture – although the Democrats have systematically attacked it (and now Jefferson’s statue has been removed in NY I hear!).
There is space for a South Dakota in USA. There is no space for South Dakota in Australia and probably will never be.
The libertarians (e.g. LDP) of Australia are a joke. A serious joke. I know a lot of them. They have SUPPORTED lockdowns for the most part.
I’ve met serious libertarians in the USA – and have learnt a lot from them. From Australian “libertarians”, nothing. A weak, soggy bunch of fake “intellectuals”, for the most part (a few exceptions notwithstanding).
Probably the most disappointing was when a professor whom I otherwise respected in the past for his close association with James Buchanan, was extremely lukewarm about the lockdowns: they were apparently justified, he seemed to imply, although he didn’t say so in so many words. He has not written ONE word about these totalitarian polices. Australians are CULTURALLY PROGRAMMED to reject liberty. No amount of intellectual training can fix that.

There is a FAR LEFT cultural tendency in Australia – I can name many examples but won’t (since these could cause unnecessary debate when people find they themselves are fundamentally illiberal!) – one day I might write a longish essay about this, but currently too many other urgent priorities. Fundamentally, Australia won’t ever change – because the communists have taken over all institutions and there was literally no one to push back (Tony Abbott is one of the fake “liberals” of Australia – such people write well but when the crunch comes, they support tyranny).

And what a fool I was when I first came to Australia. I spent time to attend Ian Harper’s Acton lecture and he even hosted lunch for me at Melbourne University. But a wimp! No clue about Acton’s work. He has ACTIVELY SUPPORTED lockdowns! Signed a letter to that effect!

A SHAM, that’s what Australia’s culture is – no greater pseudo-freedom supporters than in Australia. I must admit such people write and speak persuasively, but they are NATURAL BORN COWARDS, GREAT WORSHIPPPERS OF BIG GOVERNMENT.


There is extensive literature on migration as a driver of competition that creates greater freedom. If Australia starts losing its brightest people (and the brave) to other countries, and if it is left with incompetent cowards who are ready to be gobbled up by China, then even the cowards might one day wake up.

In India, extreme socialism/communism was the norm during the 20th century, but the massive migrations out of India of its best and brightest have brought some sanity to the remaining people – at least they are willing to partially listen (at least in the villages: the socialist elites still shut their ears).

The threat of migration must be real. For that everyone need to have options in at least two countries, since NO country (except the USA) can reliably offer liberty. (Trump’s support for border closures and lockdowns did not mean that everyone listened. Kristy Noem cared not the least for Trump’s madness and hysteria – leaving Americans with the option of migrating to S.Dokota).


If you don’t have freedom, you don’t have anything — you are dependent upon Big Brother for more or less everything.

To willingly surrender ALL freedoms on the basis of the mass hysteria whipped up by the MSM, and acquiesced in and supported by ALL political parties is, IMHO, the absolute height of idiocy.

The present government is quietly shepherding through a Digital Identity bill — something that was vehemently rejected by both Labor and Liberal when they tried in on with the “Australia Card” in 1988. Once they get this thru, and combine it with the “Vaccine Passport,” then viola! Social Credit is here.

Not that I think that anyone will care much, so long as they continue to work under house arrest, get their welfare handouts, and go to the football and cricket.

It is doomed though. We are actually witnessing the final decline and collapse of Western Civilisation from within. The big question is — what will replace it?

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One thought on “My comments re: the ANTI-LIBERTY culture of Australia, and why it can’t be fixed
  1. Melroy C.F.Fernandes

    The big question is — what will replace it?

    There are fundamentalists waiting : the West(Europe first) may be taken back by I-slam!
    Clip of Friday hell!
    Listen from 6m30s onwards..

    Or,maybe political Hinduism (tva)? or could it be a repeat of the fascism supported by the Communists or the Roman Catholic Church? Only time can tell.
    There is no doubt that Liberty has taken a bad beating in the past 2 years.

    Could this process of learning, be one that needs to be repeated every 100 years?

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