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I don’t buy the China lab leak nonsense


Also see this post of 6 January 2021 for further conclusive details why the lab leak was nonsense from day 1:
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I’ve said it MANY times, but worth noting again. The lab leak myth has been disproven repeatedly – it doesn’t make logical or strategic sense. THE HYSTERIA WAS THE GOAL: psychological warfare. That is the only thing that makes sense and ticks all boxes, and ties in all evidence.


I don’t buy the lab leak nonsense. This is a relatively minor pandemic. If it was a lab leak intended to kill people, it would have been HUGE. And China would know that its own people would die too.

Further, it was not the lab leak that caused the hysteria. What has happened with the fake videos of Jan-Feb 2020 is the KEY strategic issue for China – a part of its long standing war by stealth against the West. The hysteria WAS the goal – the West simply committed suicide and killed its people and its economy. Even as virtually nothing happened to China. This was always a minor pandemic – the goal was to make people believe that is it huge.


The strategy for a lab leak would have been ENTIRELY different to the strategy adopted by CCP in this particular case. The word “leak” itself implies something by stealth. A potentially deadly lab virus would have been spread stealthily across the world till people started dying all over the world (and in China, too). The virus would have killed them before they even knew it existed.

But in this case there were VERY few deaths, initially. Instead, there was massive drumming up of “cases” and vast number of fake videos that grossly exaggerated the way covid actually works.

There was nothing stealthy about this strategy: it was blatant, in your face – everywhere.

The goal was HYSTERIA – not deaths through a virus. If a virus was actually deadly, China would not leak it since its own people would die first. Or at best would first leak it in New York or some other part of the world – never in Wuhan.


So stop harping on the red herring of “lab leak”. LOOK RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU – the data are clear as day: Jinping caused the Great Hysteria. THAT itself was his goal.


It doesn’t make sense to “leak” something that is really mild but with wide publicity and drama. The leak theory has ZERO logic.

There are plenty of mild viruses that emerge by themselves from time to time. The rule is to find the simplest argument that ticks all boxes. The leak is entirely unnecessary to explain what happened in 2020.

==ADDENDUM 2 MARCH 2023===

Some of my tweets/ telegram posts on this topic over the past 16 months




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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “I don’t buy the China lab leak nonsense
  1. David Davies

    Sanjeev, Great respect for you work and actions. At the very early days I was convinced that this was a leak from the Wuhan lab. For some time I was debating whether this was accident or intentional. One of the things that gave me a clue about intent was the timing which was prior to Chinese New Year where Chinese travel globally to and from China and thus a wonderful opportunity to spread the virus.
    The delay and timing of calling a pandemic by the Chinese appointed leader of WHO was also suspicious as this was after the meeting with his master Xi in China. Thereby providing enough of a delay to permit the virus to spread. You may or not be aware that there are a number of actors in the affair and to date I have identified three other bodies other than CCP who benefit from this dastardly deed. The pharmaceutical companies, the WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, namely Bill Gates. The Gates are the biggest funder of the WHO either directly or through proxies and also fund Imperial College ( Neil Fergusson). As you have identified this is a brilliant well rehearsed plan, which has been in the making for a number of years. The end result is to impoverish enslave and significantly reduce the majority of the non elite global population. If you have wondered why these deeds have been allowed to happen, why Western governments are behaving like tin pot dictatorships and why despots like Andrews are allowed to riien by the right of kings then be aware that there are very powerful and dangerous forces working to over turn our rights and freedoms. I have done a lot of research on this and am willing to share. Thanks you again for your bravery in fighting this global tyranny. Our next job is to unite inform and mobilise the people to fight for their freedoms and rights and to overthrow the tyrants and bring them to justice!

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The idea of waiting to deliberately “spread” a mild virus which barely killed a little more than the seasonal flu doesn’t stack up. When Jinping discovered this mild virus he probably decided it was a great opportunity to create hysteria across the world. The hysteria blew it out of all proportions. The fake videos completely disprove the lab leak theory – which requires the virus to be spread by stealth, not with publicity.

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