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Why I will not be joining United Australia Party



I’m looking to join/build a genuine liberal party in Australia which is also committed to the poor and disadvantaged.

UAP doesn’t fit the bill.

Summary of my reasons 


Till a few months ago,  UAP was known as “Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party”. It was a one man party, a micro-outfit.

Then, in order to hide that this party is his fiefdom, Palmer got his name removed from the party’s name. But he did not resign and leave the party. It effectively remains his personal fiefdom unless one sees evidence otherwise.


I need to get Morrison out first. If we allow him to come back then everything is lost. In the worst case, if Australian Federation Party (AFP, with which AusReps has combined) doesn’t form government, Labor will get to form it. That’s bad but first of all we’ve got to get ScoMo out. That will send shivers across all parties that they can be booted out and they’ll behave. We must then get every incumbent Premier and MP all over Australia booted out.

But Palmer has always transferred his party’s preferences to the Liberals. He seems to undertake deals behind our backs and is not transparent. I have checked with many people who have worked with Palmer. He’s not a man who tells you the truth about his intentions and plans. And never discusses with anyone.


He has publicly appreciated Morrison in a letter for his “great” handling of the pandemic. His statement implies also that  Dan Andrews has done a “great” job. Sorry, I don’t buy that.


UAP has called for a referendum to abolish the states.

I entirely disagree with centralisation. The failure of Australia has been of its institutions, not of the design of the federation. We must not throw out the baby along with the bathwater.

I have expressed my concerns to Craig about such a policy. It is unclear the level of control Craig has on UAP policies. He has not responded to any of my messages since he joined UAP.  I suspect he exercises no control over UAP in any way.


I’m deeply persuaded by Peter Harris’s vision for a deep and genuine representative democracy. I’ve written about it elsewhere. UAP has nothing of that sort, and continues to reek of a single man who will decide everything for Australia. Not good enough for me.


In my view UAP has not established itself as a credible opposition, even with Craig Kelly – a person whom I greatly admire. Then there is the disturbing act that even though Craig Kelly personally knows about all the details, he has allowed RDA to merge into UAP. RDA is a highly problematic organisation.  He should have exercised great caution.

So, I will not be joining the UAP.

My first preference is for AFP (Australian Federation Party) to be re-registered under the new electoral laws. If that doesn’t work out I might consider joining One Nation, LDP, GAP or IMOP. I will contest the seat of Menzies even if I only get my own single vote.

Having said that, I’m not burning bridges with UAP. IF UAP gets serious about ensuring that Morrison is ousted, I’ll be happy to work with it on preferences. And if any political contingency arises, I’d be happy to work with UAP instead of (obviously) with the LibLabs.

The best way for UAP to demonstrate good faith is to join CADCO that has been organised by Rod Culleton – the Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative.


I would like to add that for a while I was deeply disappointed by the smaller parties and had suggested to Craig that if he does a few things, I’d be happy to join him. One of the key things I asked Craig was: “UAP needs to throw out an ultimatum to Morrison to start speaking the truth or that the UAP will preference Liberals last.” IT IS CRUCIAL THAT MONEY BE SPENT ON STOPPING THE HYSTERIA AND LIES. But he did not respond – and not once has UAP thrown out such an ultimatum or bothered to douse the hysteria by telling people that covid is 50 times smaller than Spanish flu. Instead – to all appearances – the UAP seems to be systematically trying to funnel the “anti-vax” vote into the Liberal party.


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Why I will not be joining United Australia Party
  1. David Robert Bell

    Hey hey Sanjeev! I bought and read your book early on, and I was even part of the movement when you initially teamed up with RDA for the freeom movement. I was in a group call with you at one of those. I know most of what happened there, and I get your stance, I’ve shared your story with my family and friends….

    Anyway I noticed you started a cooperative initiative with the GAP and a few other parties… I noticed that came out saying you wouldn’t support the UAP, good on ya! He seemed sus from early on!

    Anyway I was wondering if you have heard of the Australia One Party with Riccardo Bosi? Craig Cole is the leader of the Victorian branch or whatever you want to call it. They are the only ones I’ve seen publicly calling out the endless corruption in the government as far as the minor parties are concerned. Any way please check them out, they are fighting for freedom and our rights and they are people of conviction, just as you are.
    Here is a Rumble link if you want to know more
    They have a Bitchute page too

    Thanks heaps for your time, please check them out, If you haven’t already!

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, David, once registered Australia One can join CADCO – that’s where discussions will take place. I’m not on CADCO, only the Presidents of the parties.

  3. Jason Thompson

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    My name is Jason Thompson I’m in the process of writing a book on the history of climate change. My thesis was called the Visual Framing of the Three Cycles of Climate Control in the New York Times 1851-2015

    I’d like to look at the history of predicting the future. From Oracles and Zues to today. The Oslo Analyzer was funded by Rockefeller and was used to predict Norway’s hydro power. They found the noise was bigger than the signal.

    Weart, Fleming, Hamblin and Turchetti talk about the military origins of climate alarm. Some have looked at the population control component.

    It’s interesting Greg Bateson first sounded the alarm in 1967 Runaway book describes it.

    Along with Skull and Bones members George Bush and William Welch Kellogg.

    Gregory Bateson and the OSS: World War II and Bateson’s Assessment of Applied Anthropology
    Human Organization
    Vol. 57, No. 4 (WINTER 1998), pp. 379-384 (6 pages)
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    Julian Huxley and the Continuity of Eugenics in Twentieth-century Britain’

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    I’d include books like Paul Ehrlich’s population bomb.Margret Mead NIH Atmosphere Endangering book and how climate alarm replaced war as a reason for a new world order and a Brave New World.

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    Walter Scott technocracy and least developed countries these are also things to consider.

    Best regards


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