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W.H.O. has started RE-WRITING ITS WEBSITE – the 2019 guideline’s appendix has DISAPPEARED

I couldn’t locate this crucial link:

When I do so, I get this.

Further when I search for Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza I get this – but this is a September 2019 report, not the original October 2019 report. And the appendix is missing. The report that is downloadable still says ISBN: 978-92-4-151683-9 but I’m not sure whether it is the same as the earlier October 2019 report.

Fortunately, still has plenty of copies of the the original page:

Regardless, I’m storing these two reports on my server henceforth, because the gangsters who operate WHO are quite capable of disappearing even



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “W.H.O. has started RE-WRITING ITS WEBSITE – the 2019 guideline’s appendix has DISAPPEARED
  1. Melroy C.F.Fernandes

    All over the world , we are all being taken on a jolly ride. None of the demos knows what is happening. We’re being played with like puppets.

  2. Evelyn

    hi Sanjeev
    I have just downloaded the 2019 report and the Annex as well from the two urls you provided.
    I first went to the web archive url you provided and it came up as error http 302 …. it then re-directed me to a WHO page which said service temporarily down.
    Interestingly when I tried the October 2019 Report document that was when the redirect occurred. But I could still access the Annex 2019 pdf. They are clearly in the process of “house cleaning”. Anyways I have downloaded both reports from the 2 specific links you provided.


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