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Pfizer – PLEASE EXPLAIN. And why is Facebook threatening to disable my account for sharing this video?

I came across this on Twitter.  [Screenshot]. This has been shared by Maajid Nawaz – a blue tick (certified) journalist. I therefore assume this has at least some authenticity. The video is very plausible and I’m willing to consider it genuine unless proven otherwise.

Three people who allegedly work for Pfizer have been caught saying things that I’m sure Pfizer doesn’t want them to be saying. Pfizer has the choice of claiming that this video is a fraud or they must explain.

In the meanwhile I shared the video on Facebook and within minutes have not only been banned by FB for 7 days but have been told my account will be disabled. For what? For sharing one more truth? ALL the times I’ve been banned in the past by any of these Big Tech companies, it has been for sharing the truth.

The video is available on YouTube but I don’t think it will last there. I’ve shared it on Telegram here. I’ve also backed it up on Rumble.

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