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Update on my father’s health – 4

Continuing from here.

First round of radiotherapy completed

A total of 2700cGy in 15 fractions from 25 August 2021 to 14 September 2021 – completed. This was intended to reduce some of the major symptoms of the cancer. There seems to have been a small positive effect but radiation kills cancer cells over the course of many months, and a PET scan will only be undertaken after a few months – so we won’t know the effect of this radiotherapy till then.

Chemo not assessed suitable at this stage, Octreotide LAR 20mg once every three months

Chemotherapy is probably the best way to control this aggressive neuroendocrine cancer but initial assessment of my father’s health has meant this has been shelved. Instead,  Octreotide LAR 20mg injection has been started (once every three months) on 14 September. I don’t think this treatment alone will stave off the rapid spread of this cancer. I’ll be consulting with other specialists in the coming weeks to determine when (and if) chemo can (or should) be started.

DVT – clot has now gone but heparin will continue

Doppler ultrasound was done today – the major DVT that arose around a month ago (and was confirmed on 28 August), has disappeared – the twice daily heparin injections will continue. I’m told that cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to DVT so these injections don’t really stop.

Other associated medical issues

There are many other associated medical issues that I won’t go into detail here – but these are ongoing and will require further medical consultations next week + various medical procedures.

My father has started walking a bit – but is very weak, and rehabilitating him from the intensive hospitalisations and treatments of the past few months will be a priority.

Administrative chores

The task of claiming a portion of the out-of-pocket costs (thousands of dollars) incurred over the past three months from the government insurance system which covers my father has been more challenging than I thought – there’s more paperwork that I need to complete. This won’t be finished till mid-next week. But I think I’m 90% there now.

Researching alternative cancer cures

I’m told that ivermectin is a potential anti-cancer drug, so also cannabis has shown some anti-cancer properties in the lab. These are unproven treatments but I need to spend time to investigate them – and potentially put them to use. If anyone has thoughts on such alternative options, do write to me at


In George Bush’s lingo, I “misunderestimated” my capacity to return to normalcy by Thursday this week (yesterday). It is now looking like Thursday next week – but even then I’ll have a number of medical appointments to organise/manage on an ongoing basis till we can get a better handle on my father’s health. But the crazy madness of the past month is definitely over.

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