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Update on my father’s health – 3

Contd. from Update 1 | Update 2

I’m still getting many requests for an update re: my father’s health and how I’m tracking with my time.

Overall, things are much better – the crazy busy phase of the previous two weeks, which required going to hospital emergency and ICU, is over.

  • Radiotherapy: 13 out of the 15 scheduled sessions have been completed. My father’s acute symptoms have definitely reduced:  he is able to eat somewhat normally and get some sleep.
  • DVT: My father’s massive leg swelling from DVT has reduced by 60%, mainly over the last two days. Lots of injections have been given, some were skipped due to bleeding. The clot will take a long time to dissolve, though.

Will get to a level of normalcy from Thursday

Radiotherapy finishes on Tuesday, then a number medical appointments to review progress and decide re: chemotherapy. Once chemo starts (probably 2 weeks from now) I’ll get busy again. From Thursday next week, though, I’m hoping to get up to 8 hours a day for my political and other work.

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One thought on “Update on my father’s health – 3
  1. Michael John Ainslie Darby

    Great to hear positive news about your father’s condition.
    We pray for continuing rapid improvement

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