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My further email to the International Criminal Court

EMAIL SENT JUST NOW [See my original complaint]

Dear Office of the Prosecutor

I refer to your letter’s comment that: “the decision not to proceed may be reconsidered if new facts or evidence provide a reasonable basis“. I believe there are sufficient new facts for you to consider.

I’ve not been able to prepare a supplementary submission due to extraordinary situations that have consumed my attention, but over the past 10 months overwhelming data has come in to prove that lockdowns commit two types of harms:
a) Extra deaths from covid
b) Extra non-covid deaths

In other words, Western governments have massacred (and continue to massacre) their citizens. Some economists are estimating millions of additional deaths across the world by lockdowns (e.g. the book, The Great Covid Panic by Professors Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster).

1. Extra deaths from covid: See
2. Extra deaths from lockdowns:

I’m assuming the ICC has sufficient resources to investigate such additional deaths from lockdowns. I believe that unless the ICC takes up a detailed investigation into these policies, the progress in human rights achieved at great cost after World War II will be entirely undone.


Sanjeev Sabhlok


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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