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My current position on ivermectin #1

I responded to someone by email. Copy below:

Below, I’m sharing a REAL prescription in India for Ivermectin. I had another one (more formal) which I can’t readily locate – but I understand no one gives ivermectin 12 mg for more than 3 days consecutively.

At this dosage it seems to be harmless – from what I can gather.

Note that I’m not persuaded that ivermectin does a lot of good for covid (the sample size for RCT studies for such a conclusive proof would be astronomical – and no such study exists, as far as I know). Those who promote ivermectin are equally guilty as those who oppose it. Let there be proper studies. For a disease in which 99.97% of the world’s population survives each year, it is going to be particularly hard to prove than anything works. [A comment I made elsewhere] For a disease where almost everyone is cured without any treatment, it is next to impossible to prove whether any thing works.

On the other hand, there seems to be no basis to ban for experimental use for covid on grounds of safety.

This CDC guideline is OK with “two doses [of Ivermectin] 200 mcg/Kg orally once a day for 2 days”. That’s 0.2 mg per kilo, or 12 mg for a 60 kilo person – for two days. So a two-day dose of 12 mg for a 60 kilo person should be considered reasonable – i.e. at least not harmful.

If something is not particularly harmful and could help save lives, then we ought to be open to experimentation by doctors. Indian doctors (in most states) have the liberty of prescribing ivermectin – clearly they do so on the basis that this might do some good even as it does no great harm. I don’t know if it actually works. India has almost no one (in proportionate terms) who is vulnerable to covid – most people die well before age 80. when covid actually becomes destructive. So no one should cite India when discussing ivermectin. There are many, many other factors at work.

Overall, covid remains a non-descript and modest “pandemic” – and we are all making a huge song and dance about nothing. Shakespeare would say, more elegantly: Much Ado About Nothing.

E.g. NO ONE in the world has been able to identify the year 2020 in this chart which randomly mixes up the deaths per million of Sweden:

For the answer (i.e. which of these is 2020), see: I can bet that everyone will be surprised.

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