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Gigi Foster’s Voices against lockdowns – (9) 16 September 2021

Continuing from this (No.8):

Dear all,

The fight continues to end lockdowns in Australia. More and more determined voices – including that of the brave pilot in this home-made video – are being raised together against the madness, across the spectrum of professions and perspectives, as illustrated in the links below.

First, I’m delighted to announce that my co-authored book about this period with Paul Frijters and Michael Baker has now been released, and is available in paperback or on Kindle here and across the world: If you do read it, please consider writing a review on Amazon. Our publisher, the Brownstone Institute led by Jeffrey Tucker, has been doing terrific promotion in the US, although I’m told that posts about the book to social media in Australia are already being censored. I am presently liaising with a number of groups to organise book launches in Sydney and beyond, and will post details for these to the site above as they are fixed. You can see me speaking about the book, and the present situation, here:

GET REAL with Mahieash Johnney | Episode 120 | The Great Covid Panic (Sri Lankan TV) (Macquarie University Liberals Club “Sunday Sessions” group meeting) (Nick Holt podcast) (with Julia Hartley-Brewer on UK TalkRadio, at timestamp 2:19:20)

I’m also slated to appear on The Outsiders this coming Sunday morning and on additional podcasts and TV shows around the world in the coming weeks. The final episode of the fifth season of my ABC radio program and podcast co-hosted with Peter Martin, The Economists, also covered lockdown trade-offs, and rode the bleeding edge of what the ABC would allow to go to air.

A month ago I called on the lawyers amongst us to put their hands to the wheel. I have since become aware of a number of heartening initiatives and resources, such as: (Tony Nikolic speaking about his upcoming class action in the NSW Supreme Court challenging vaccine mandates) (information on the class action lawsuits being brought by the law firm AdvocateMe) (letters to print if you want to resist various restrictions on your freedoms)

More businesses and business groups are starting to organise and push against discrimination: (inspiration from the US)

From the medical resistance, see attached a letter that can be customised to your GP, speaking of the potential for early treatment of covid; and a covid patient treatment guide. While earlier this week, the TGA made it harder to access ivermectin, there has been a great deal of push-back against this decision. More and more doctors are speaking out about the lack of transparency about the vaccines and early treatment options, and about the costs of our covid response:

Even the odd Australian politician has started to voice resistance to lockdowns in assemblies:

Some other good reading and watching from recent weeks: (on the costs of lockdowns in Ireland) (Jay Bhattacharya defending the Great Barrington Declaration) (a collection of scientists rejecting the assertion that our covid policies have been “following the science”)

Some simple and well-presented “Facts about Covid” pieces to help people regain perspective:

Resistance art is priceless:

Many new media channels (BitChute, Telegram, Rumble, etc.), political groups (Reignite Australia, The New Liberals, Australia One, etc.), professional associations (e.g.,, community organisations (e.g.,, and even new academic journals (e.g., have been growing legs and members over the past few months, and are collectively part of the path out of our present reality. You may also wish to keep an eye periodically on the various petitions to Parliament available for your signing – many of which relate to covid policies.

It is up to all of us to push against destructive policies like lockdowns in the ways we can, to reaffirm our freedom and to build a better set of institutions for our future.



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