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Further bad analysis by Alex Berenson

Someone shared this BAD analysis by Alex Berenson:


Don’t rely on Alex Berenson. He’s a good man with a bad understanding of statistics.

1) He made a seriously incorrect claim regarding the results from a six-month study. I refuted him here:

2. Now this. He is wrong, again. Here’s why.
There are virtually no deaths in the UK from covid since early March 2021.

This is just how any pandemic behaves. Sweden’s data are very similar – without lockdons. And India’s – with lockdowns but with hardly any vaccines (of course, India’s death rates are dramatically lower than those in the UK/Sweden since India has a very small proportion of its population over the age of 75, but the pattern is the same). All pandemics run out of steam after a couple of seasons and become endemic.

From the UK data it is therefore impossible to determine whether the dramatic reduction in deaths they are seeing is due to vaccines or due to natural immunity
. Anders Tegnell had said that many months ago, as well, that we will find it very hard to distinguish vaccine effects from natural immunity. In any event, it is wrong to claim from this chart, as Berenson tries, that the vaccines don’t work. We know for sure that natural immunity works (since India has very few covid deaths now without vaccines) but can say nothing meaningful about the vaccines from this information. Covid is now like the regular seasonal flu in most parts of the world, e.g. the UK and India. Vaccines have not eliminated the flu, and so will covid vaccines fail to eliminate covid . Some vaccinated people will get covid and also die.

There are other charts that do suggest that vaccines might actually work. E.g. With billions of people vaccinated across the world, we should start seeing more of this type of data. Within the next 3 months we ought to have confirmed proofs whether these vaccines actually prevent deaths.

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One thought on “Further bad analysis by Alex Berenson
  1. Anthony Cincotta

    From these charts you could conclude that it is worth the risks associated with an injection that appears to be not fit for purpose. If they are only working to reduce hospitalizations but are not preventing the spread of the virus then we really require some further information. ie hospitalizations as a result of vaccine injury, which are being hidden by censorship, The deaths post vaccination would also be an interesting stat to throw into the mix. Many health professionals here in Australia and around the world are not willing to take the shot based on the most important statistic of all. The Absolute Risk Reduction, which was around 0.2% in the last calculation that I read….

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