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Atrocities against the poorest of Australia – Father Dave speaks out


[M]y anger is rising by the day at the way our government is treating us. We are being locked down, shut up, discriminated against and silenced, and it is not in any way even-handed.

Despite the propaganda that ‘we are all in this together’, the reality is that the wealthier suburbs and wealthy people are only being slightly inconvenienced, whereas those at the bottom end of the social barrel are being pilloried!

The most gut-wrenching example I’ve experienced this week came via a friend who I’ve been associated with for at least five years. She is a woman who struggles with health issues (physical and psychological) and lives in a community housing block in Sydney called ‘Common Ground’. It’s run by Mission Australia and set up for people with long-term homelessness problems.

Apparently, four of the 130 people living at Common Ground tested COVID positive. The response of the NSW government was to lock down the entire facility and order the 126 ‘healthy’ residents to remain locked in their single-bedroom units for 14 days. Police officers were apparently patrolling each floor to make sure that no one escaped, with on-the-spot fines for anyone who tried to get out of their front door!

I initially thought that my friend must have been exaggerating, but it has now become mainline news. I find this mind-boggling! I can’t imagine how I would handle being held in solitary confinement like this, and I am reasonably mentally robust. These people are amongst the most vulnerable members of our community and they are being tortured for two full weeks and, I’ve been told, if someone else in their facility tests COVID positive, the two week period starts all over again!

Apparently, food is being delivered but alcohol consumption is being strictly limited to six beers or pre-mixed drinks per day, with excess alcohol and cigarette deliveries being confiscated! The Health Department says that the limiting of alcohol aims to “ensure the safety of health staff and residents”. I have never heard of anything so paternalistic and unaustralian!

I can only conclude that these people are being punished because they are poor. Can we even imagine the authorities trying to take this line with wealthier people living on the North Shore, with police bursting into their mansions and going through their liquor cabinets, confiscating whatever they consider excessive? Truly, this is becoming a war against the weak!


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