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Alleged affidavit of Lt. Col. Theresa Long, M.D.

An alleged affidavit by this US Army official is doing the rounds. There is no PDF or authenticated affidavit on the internet but the contents are knowledgeable and potentially genuine (copy here – also see this).

I will, however, not be able to spend time to look into it unless someone shares an original, signed PDF.

The overall claim is valid – that there is little need to vaccinate the low risk young army of the USA. The critique of VAERS is valid. The cases of severe side effects might well be genuine – but once again in the absence of a proper study and comparison with the baseline it is hard to say anything meaningful.

Once this affidavit is formally published, I’ll replicate it here, along with my annotations.


Dr Simone Gold has said a few words about this affidavit. That still doesn’t prove its existence to me. Will await a proper PDF or scanned copy.


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