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Update on my father’s health – 1

I’m currently in a strange situation: I’m flat out – I’m spending around 15 hours a day in trying to support the management of my father’s advanced cancer. And yet I have lots of people (both family and others) writing to me, seeking an update.

I can’t respond individually. Therefore, I’m going to post updates occasionally on this blog so people can get the information they need.

This is the first of these updates.

First of all, have a look at this summary of his condition and treatment (radiation therapy, which has started from today). In plain English, a baseball sized cancerous growth is found inside his abdominal/pelvic area and has, additionally, spread across the entire body -liver, lungs, etc.

Second, the cancer has significantly affected my father’s basic functions.  Managing these basic functions is now close to a full-time job, particularly to ensure that my father is made ready/suitable for further therapy.

My father has been into hospitals in and out over the past 2-3 months, including innumerable Emergency departments. He has lost 10% of his body weight over these 2-3 months and has become extremely weak (compared to where he was).


I’m VERY OPTIMISTIC about the outcome of my father’s treatment plan.

  1. My father is being managed by some of the best Indian doctors (and – generally speaking – the best Indian doctors are close to the best in the world – e.g. the urologist from Australia who operated upon me a few years ago took his advanced training in India).
  2. The machine being used is also the best in the world (a Linear Accelerator).
  3. Numerous advanced diagnostic tests have been run to identify the nature of the cancer (his is a very rare/ uncommon cancer).
  4. My father is perfectly fit of mind (100% fit), all his organs are perfect and he has no co-morbidities.
  5. My father is determined to fight this disease.

I am VERY CONFIDENT that the aggressive plan of action that has been implemented from today will shrink his cancer and bring it down to manageable levels.


The prospect of partial recovery of my father from cancer is only possible because of the huge advances made by medical science.

I am a lover of science and remain beholden to science – but only in GENUINE science (not FAKE science e.g. covid lockdowns/climate change exaggerations).



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Update on my father’s health – 1
  1. eva formica

    prayers to you and your father sanjeev
    may all be well in God’s time and it is wonderful to hear of his fighting spirit … now I know where you got the seeds of your from :)

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