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Human rights in Australia – some notes

I had discussed the problem of human rights in Australia here. Of course, my book and my ICC complaint have extensive discussion on the issue + this.

Here’s some more information. This is a placeholder post, to inform public policy.

Here’s a good article:


More than half of respondents to our poll (58 per cent) believe Australia already has a national Human Rights Act. When told we don’t, 76 per cent of people said they supported the introduction of one.

A Human Rights Act enshrined in law would make a real and meaningful improvement to human rights protection and have the additional benefit of untangling the current spaghetti bowl of legislation confusing all of us at a time when we need clarity more than ever.


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Human rights in Australia – some notes
  1. Melroy C..F.Fernandes

    The Karnataka Human Rights Commission in India( i don’t want to generalize) is like dead wood. I assume the rest are the same. I have personally experienced their callous attitude. Every “activist” and lawyer , I have spoken to tells me only one thing, ” they are useless, they do nothing”.

    Fact of the matter is that the HRC can only “recommend”.

    The attitude of the ICC to your complaint is also food for thought.

  2. AL

    So how can this be done? Maybe a naive question but I genuinely want to know. Currently in Australia both Labour and Liberal ( as we have seen in NSW ) parties are turning into tyrants. They are literally getting worse by the day. You think that they would now be willing to implement a Human Rights Act? They have tasted blood and would be very unwilling to give up this constant cycle of lockdowns and masks.

    Even with the 80% vaccination rate I am pretty sure there are still going to be restrictions.

    Look at Victoria. Even with one case of outside transmission ( which is not yet determined yet ) Brett Sutton shut down the playgrounds with the full support of the Premier. Only tyrants behave like this. I doubt they will give this up.

    We have to wear masks everywhere outside and this rule looks like it is going to stay for a long time.

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