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Tony Nikolic’s superb letter to Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister re: informed consent

A Sydney lawyer, Tony Nikolic, with deep knowledge of the law has provided Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister with a superb letter that spells out the requirements for informed consent for a vaccine.

I’ve taken Tony’s permission to publish this. Please download and share.


ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD: A lot of people are complaining that they aren’t able to download. I’m able to do so. I’ve created a simpler URL as well. Try this out:

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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17 thoughts on “Tony Nikolic’s superb letter to Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister re: informed consent
  1. Grumpy

    That was one hell of letter! Thanks for providing this copy and Tony’s permission.
    He needs back up from a lot more lawyers in Australia.

  2. Gillian

    Tony Nikolic is an awesome and courageous warrior for truth and justice!
    What a wonderful man !

    Everyone who is interested in moving forward on the basis of medical/scientific EVIDENCE (rather than the lies and propaganda of Big Pharma, social media and governments), needs to get behind Tony! The TRUTH will prevail!

  3. Tony

    Hello, I am getting a 404 error when trying to download this. Could you please re-upload or use a different file host? This letter sounds like an interesting read.

  4. Colleen Penna

    We need this man, and many more like him! What a forceful letter, full of facts and the truth.

  5. Jannelle Merrett

    WOW , there is help and hope for us , It came just at the right time when I have been overwhelmed with fear for my children’s and grandchildren’s future and the future for all Australians . I will sleep a little easier tonight knowing we are not fighting this alone . From the bottom of my heart and my children’s THANKYOU

    Jannelle Merrett

  6. Carol

    A very comprehensive and fascinating read. I admire this man’s clarity and courage to question our Government’s decisions over this so-called pandemic. It has certainly made me feel easier as I have been feeling I was the only one aware of all the insane directives from our premiers.


  7. georgia

    Contributed what I could financially to this cause, hope it gets to High Court. Some major grammatical and syntax errors in this letter – not good

  8. Tina

    2 in a population of 25.5 million, This guy and MP Craig Kelly, who are actually legally and vocally looking out for the interests of the Australian people. I hope they never stop. I’ll do whatever I can to support them, because they support me. It’s rather have 2 honest, ethical people in my team than millions of passive pushovers.

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