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The four deceits of our time: My article in The Spectator

Sharing this piece so no one can say they didn’t know about these four deceits: (PDF) .

1. The magnitude of this pandemic has been magnified 50 fold by the government. Claims by Mr. Morrison about the magnitude of this pandemic constitute the biggest lie in Australia’s history.

2. The hysteria we are living through was orchestrated by CCP as part of their strategy of unrestricted warfare against the West.

3. The policies we have copied from CCP (lockdowns) were rejected by the science literature till 2020 – and policies like border closures and quarantines only permitted for a very limited period. We have tossed out our official pandemic plans in a rush to copy Xi Jinping.

4. Lockdowns cause colossal harm and there is absolutely no benefit from them – no lives saved whatsoever from this absurd “public health” policy.

It is for each of us to pick the side of history we want to be on: truth or deceit.

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