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People are breaking down in Australia – my response to one such person

I note below my response to a person who’s in a really bad shape due to the 5th lockdown in Victoria:


Dear xx

I’ve been getting your emails and wish I could help. Sadly all of us are up against these most heartless, cruel and irrational people in Australia’s history.

These people have no idea of the laws. They have breached all international covenants. They have erased all human rights. They have copied CCP-invented policies without batting an eyelid (policies that find no mention in Australia’s pandemic plans: purely Xi Jinping policies).

Please have some forbearance! With the help of Peter Harris who founded Family First, I’ve helped start a new political party – Australia’s Representatives – that hopefully will get registered in the next couple of months. Then we can field good people and the voters can replace, wholesale, these cruel and heartless people.

I have earned not a penny since I resigned my job in protest in September 2020 but these people have given themselves fat pay rises. They have flourished with work-at-home arrangements even as a vast number of self-employed people have suffered almost a total loss of income and mental agony that these people cannot even begin to visualise.

My father in India is seriously ill and I can’t visit him without the permission of these cruel monsters who are “running” this country. I have to take permission from my jailors! The other day I broke down on the phone while talking to someone – it is just too hard to live in these circumstances. But what do these people care?

Australia’s media – that is in cahoots with the pharma industry – will never cover your story but will ALWAYS support totalitarian policies and will never raise a single word of protest.

We are living in a totalitarian situation last seen in Soviet Russia. Have some forbearance, xx. I am coming after these people and together, people like you and I must work to throw them out in the forthcoming elections.

Please take care!





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2 thoughts on “People are breaking down in Australia – my response to one such person
  1. Melroy C.F.Fernandes

    happening everywhere. Pfizer has announced 1st qtr. earnings of 3.5billion USD solely from their COVID vaccine. The investment into the vaccine development by anyone company is supposed to be around 8 billion USD. With govt. guaranteed sales we are looking at an annual turnover of at least 240billion USD for the entire industry. So even if these companies dole out a 1billion USD to each of the leaders of the 195 countries in the world they are still sitting on a pretty good guaranteed income. Perhaps never before have all(almost all) the world leaders been bought off by corporations at the same time.


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