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My supplementary complaint to the Press Council regarding ABC’s scurrilous article of 16 April 2021


Dear Press Council

With reference to my complaint of 27 April 2021, I submit the following updates:

  1. On 25 May 2021 I received ABC’s response to the complaint I had lodged with it regarding its scandalous allegations and falsehoods in a 16 April 2021 article that attacked me personally and lied profusely about everything. I have separately forwarded ABC’s 25 May 2021 email to you and am also attaching a PDF of the email for your ready reference.
  2. Based on its 25 May 2021 response I am now submitting now a supplementary complaint to the Press Council (attached). In this supplementary complaint I demonstrate conclusively that ABC has violated its editorial standards: of accuracy, and fair and honest dealing – and that it continues to do so.

The resolution I seek

ABC’s resistance to retract its inaccurate and deceptive article and provide me with a platform to refute its scurrilous claims about me, my research and my work, needs to be addressed by the independent Press Council. I request the Council to examine this matter in full. I am happy to provide all details that the Council may need. I ask you to compel the ABC to retract its 16 April 2021 article and to provide me with space of 2000 words to refute and rebut its false claims.

I’m copying ABC into this email and will publish this material – which I believe is in the public interest – on my personal blog and elsewhere.

I look forward to a speedy resolution of this matter.


Sanjeev Sabhlok



  1. ABC’s 25 May 2021 response (PDF)
  2. My supplementary complaint (Word  | PDF)
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