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Ashir Azeem (a Canadian of Pakistani origin) is fighting for citizen sovereignty

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Ashir Azeem is a Canadian of Pakistani origin. He served as a customs officer in Pakistan, got fed up of the system and migrated to Canada where he now works as a truck driver.

He makes youtube videos in Urdu that get thousands of views, which shows many people want to improve their lives – even in Pakistan. He is trying to educate Pakistanis that the Citizen is King and to bring reform and efficiency in governance systems of Pakistan.

His work is as relevant to India as any other country that suffers from poor governance, a slavish subservient mentality of the people to their governors and a “system” that has no intention of changing. Affected citizens cannot improve the system, without knowing what is wrong.


His movie “Malik” (citizen is King) has garnered nearly 48 lakh views. The movie exposes the feudal system of society in Pakistan:


057 – Freedom & Bill of Rights

Length: abt.17 mins

062 – Failed Justice System (Story of George Gill Part 1)

Length: abt.20 mins

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