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What about Luc Montagnier’s claim that “vaccines are creating variants”

Someone asked:

What do you think of this video?


‘m unable to spare too much time to research but this info was helpful:
During the video, Montagnier said the antibodies produced by the coronavirus vaccines “enable an infection to become stronger.”

Montagnier attributed that claim to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a phenomenon in which virus-specific antibodies can enhance the entry and replication of a virus. Those antibodies recognize and bind to a pathogen, but instead of preventing infection, they act as a “Trojan Horse” and allow the pathogen to enter cells. That process can lead to wider dissemination of the disease.

ADE has resulted from a few previous vaccination efforts, including vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus and measles in the 1960s and, more recently, dengue virus in 2016. Scientists have looked for ADE associated with the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, but they haven’t found any cases.

This confirms that ADE can occur. So Montagnier is at least partially right. Only empirical analysis can show whether it is occurring in these particular vaccines.

Now for a bit of speculation (this is purely my fertile imagination so don’t cite it as “proof”!) – The vaccine studies seem to show that the vaccines don’t stop covid infection, only minimise symptoms. This suggests to me that after antibodies are produced (or are under production – they take weeks to reach the optimal level), the live virus is able to co-mingle with vaccine-induced antibodies in the body of a vaccinated person. These antibodies clearly don’t have the ability to kill off the virus, else no vaccinated person could possibly get covid. Such co-mingling could, to my mind, provide a soup for the more lethal strains of naturally occurring mutations to survive and flourish, and take off into the community. But this is pure speculation. I don’t have time to study the mechanism properly. Also, why does this (assuming this is how ADE works) not occur for flu vaccinations which are also not 100% effective, and why only for certain other types of viruses?


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