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I ask Monica Smit to publicly explain why she stole my Third Front Facebook page

It is with a heavy heart and considerable personal disappointment and regret that I am posting this. But I will be remiss in my duty to the people of Australia if I withhold this information. The people have a right to know about the true character of anyone in public life.


Since my interview with Matt Lawson on 19 September 2020, I have been urging the youth of Australia to enter politics to change the current situation. I met Monica Smit at a lunch engagement at someone’s home in December 2020 and said the same to her (and to other young people present that day) . I have repeated this message to Australia’s youth on innumerable occasions on my social media and other forums, including speeches.

To me it was obvious that we need a strong coalition of the smaller political parties to fight the big parties. I called it the third front. I spoke about it on 20 January 2021 in an interview (video linked at I started connecting with people during this period in order build a team to collaborate with others. I also wrote about this concept extensively. The press picked this up on 3 March 2021.

As part of my political project, Monica came over to my place on 8 February 2021 to discuss how she could get involved. I was looking for people who will fight the elections, not interested in those who do interviews. She said she would contest elections so I decided to support her political activity while building the third front.

I attended a few events such as the 20 February 2021 freedom rally plus two events organised by Monica (in the Greg Hunt event she kept the RDA issue in the background but on 11 March 2021 at the Dan Andrews event she wanted RDA’s branding – I agreed since RDA paid for the signage. I also suggested that RDA become the manager of the third front (which was then being called Team Australia).

Anyway, things changed rapidly after the Dan Andrews event. She had told me at that event that the next one would be at Michael O’Brien’s office. But then she went back on almost all of her commitments to me. She said was no longer in politics and that she would only support good candidates – like the RDA has apparently done in the past.

I’m happy to have people to do whatever they wish. Monica went completely into the background of my work although I kept her in the loop in case she did want to return to politics.

As for me,  I continued my third front project with ongoing discussions with many political parties. LDP was my main focus during February and March to form part of the “pincer movement” that I have spoken talked about in many FB live videos. But by end-March 2021 it became clear that LDP was reluctant to contest lower house seats. So in April 202 I started looking at the last option: to create a new party in the “centre” that would tie up with IMOP as part of the pincer movement. Coincidentally and independently, Peter Harris had came up by then with a proposal for a party to deepen democracy. I agreed with his proposal and started working on it. Still part of the third front. Everything is the third front.

During that period I repeatedly spoke about futility of disorganised freedom rallies where we meet only the “converted” and no change ever occurs. I carried out a number of fear removal experiments to assess the magnitude of the problem and started preparing to contest the seat of Menzies.

I have continued to keep up engagement with Michael O’Neill and Rod Culleton – and am in  touch with Malcolm Roberts, Pete Evans and Craig Kelly, as well as with senior nominees of LDP, Australia One on a telegram group. The third front is my main political strategy. Without it, we are lost. 

As part of growing the third front, I created many social media assets in February, including on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook (and a website ). The front’s Facebook page (its name keeps changing all the time) is my main communication platform. It is my most significant political asset, like the Liberal Party’s Facebook page would be for it.

Let me add so there is NO confusion at any time, that any IT asset created by someone is owned by that person. It is their property in every sense of the word. Intellectual property in the development of the concept adds to this property.

I have had a very bad experience in the past when a critical domain I had was stolen from me when I trusted a professor of economics in India with admin access. So I never give admin access to anyone to my IT assets unless I trust them 100%. But I felt confident enough about Monica on 22 February 2021 to give her her admin access so that she could add editors for the FB page for the third front.

My message to her on 22 February 2021 was:

Monica, I’ve made you admin for this page – – please feel free to involve your volunteers as editors, etc. so they can start polishing up this page. In addition to our own pages, we need a kind of a central place on Facebook for this political association.

Her response: “I’ll get it looking better :-)”.

Note that she did not say – “Thanks for giving me the full ownership of this page”. She knew my precise intent – that her role was to beautify the page. I would manage the main content.

To repeat, the third front was and remains solely my intellectual property at all times, including that FB page.


Imagine for a second that I take over RDA’s Facebook page after Monica Smit gives me admin access because she trusts me. And that I do so slinkily, without telling her – and to add salt to the injury, I then claim that I was the actual owner of RDA! Surely everyone would rightly call such action theft.

Regrettably, on 24 March 2021 Monica did this to me by taking away my admin access to the Third Front Facebook page that I had created on 22 February 2021. Took it and kept very quiet about it! And pretended (in the few telegram conversations we had subsequently till I finally found out on 5 May 2021) that she was working with me! And yesterday she claims that she MADE the page!!

So how did I find out about all this?

In mid-April I suddenly found that I no longer had admin access to my third front FB page.

Monica had removed my access but at that time I had no time to dig into past communications to locate the proof that I had created it. I somehow managed at that stage to get Monica to give me back my admin access. She did so because she knew exactly what she had done and that not giving me back the admin would make me squeal very loudly.

Her action was a breach of faith, breach of trust, and theft of my property, of my IP. I made note of it in my mind and any remaining trust I had in her was entirely lost. Due to lack of time this incident remained in the back of my mind till 5 May 2021 when – by sheer accident while scrolling my phone on my bed – I clicked a button Facebook Page Management which confirmed that Moncia had indeed stolen my page on 24 March 2021.

Facebook maintains a complete record of all changes to admin and editor roles. That’s what I had accidentally clicked. From that list (extract below – see the end of this post – with certain names blacked out) the events of 24 March 2021 became clear.

When I found this I shared the evidence with a number of people in confident including with Craig Kelly to alert them about Monica.

I have a rule: I will tolerate any number of betrayals and falsehoods. But I draw a very SHARP line on anyone who steals my property. For instance, that professor of economics in India who stole my domain lost his job as a result of the huge noise I created. He ultimately had to leave India.

I never relent when my property is attacked, just like I never relent when my freedom is attacked.


I had a soft corner for Monica particularly given her young age so I didn’t want this to reach the stage where I put this material out publicly. Unfortunately her actions over the past two days have FORCED me to publish this.

How I alerted Monica to help me avoid going public:

I knew that Monica keeps a close watch on my social media posts (I have evidence of that, separately) so on 10 May 2021 I wrote this:

Since nothing happened, on 11 February 2021 I wrote this:

On 11 May 2021 I also clarified my relationship with RDA to someone who asked:

And wrote this: – with plenty of evidence for Monica to act on. She should have got my message.

To be triply sure, on 11 May 2021 I SMS’d her to make sure she had read my posts and I asked her to either publicly explain her action or quit public life.

But Monica claimed at 9:13 am on 12 May 2021 that: “FYI – I made the Team Australia page. GAVE it to you”. She does takes the cake for lying.

Nevertheless, to be further sure that she is acting with complete knowledge of the facts, I arranged to send her the full screenshots (extracts from which which I’m posting below) yesterday afternoon.

I had asked her to either publicly deny her action or to explain it. Or – if she doesn’t want to do that –  to quit public life. She has done nothing. Hence this post today.


I am therefore publishing all this material (see evidence at the end of this post). I ask Monica to explain publicly:

  1. What was going on in her mind when she took over, on 24 March 2021, my FB page that I had given to her to administer? She needs to tell me exactly what gave her the right to take away my admin access. Precisely in every single detail.
  2. Why did she not tell me about it? I have told her EVERYTHING that might be relevant to her. I have been entirely open. So why did she HIDE this action from me? Full details please.
  3. Why is now claiming to be the creator of the page? What does she gain by lying in such a big way? What is the point of lying when the facts are 100% clear?

Note that I WILL NOT accept any attempts to obfuscate or pull wool over my eyes. I need the TRUE answers these three questions – precisely and publicly.

I know that when someone lies they have to make up even more lies. I want to hear all the lies Monica can come up with on this issue.


Monica might be a perfect fit for politics which attracts a disproportionate share of moral cretins, but at a time when our trust in our institutions is already so low, we don’t need more of the same.

All my life I have drawn a sharp line on integrity. My minimum expectation for someone in public life is integrity. Other things come later.

I also believe people are hungry for integrity among our leaders: we are sick of people who betray our trust and undertake devious things behind our back.

Those who know me, know that I have long remained vociferously supportive of Monica’s efforts despite her reneging on innumerable commitments she had made to me. But on 5 May 2021 all that changed.

Note that if the answers to my three questions do not persuade me that she has acted in good faith, then she MUST leave public life. We DON’T need people like her to “save” us. We will – together – find far better leaders for Australia.

IF, however, I am persuaded that she did this in good faith, then I’ll forgive and move on.

I had made a recommendation a few months ago that people donate to RDA. I withdraw that recommendation today. I do not trust an organisation led by Monica.


Facebook official page management timeline | Relevant Telegram conversations | Relevant SMS messages

Note: Anyone can check the data from my phone – ideally I’d like a group of independent people who want to check the facts to come to my house to validate my screenshots.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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21 thoughts on “I ask Monica Smit to publicly explain why she stole my Third Front Facebook page
  1. Muneesh Kumar

    Thats very sad to know that Monica is the one who did this. It tells us how corrupt people can become with just a little limelight and fame that they get. Things will get better Sanjeev.

    Your intentions are honest and good, you will be rewarded for that. Your good honest supporter from Perth.

  2. Dia Beltran

    Her boyfriend was with me first and she has repeatedly gone onto my live streams and told me to “stay away from my man”
    In reference to Morgan and my past relationship.
    I’ve not come after him, not even once.
    She’s a psychopath and just wants to eliminate any other female in the spotlight.

  3. Jean Worth

    This is a horrible tale of deceit. I am sorry you had to experience such disrespect and lies. Monica will have a short career as the days of bullying, deceit and lying are over. She is 50 years too late in her bid to gain position and control through lying and deception. Those days are going and we are now experiencing the death throes.

  4. Sandra McMahon

    Hi Sanjeev, how are you? This seems like a very distressing time for you, I am not pretending to know all of the it’s and out’s of the situation. Trusting that you will be able to find out the answers to your questions and gain some clarity about where you stand in relation to your intellectual property. May all this be a misunderstanding or be worked out before more of us are affected the way you have been. May God bless you and your loved ones with kind regards from Sandra Maree

  5. HKW

    I am lost for words to describe my disappointment.
    This is the last thing we need in this movement for FREEDOM.

    It remains me of a certain historical event in past after Germany’s invasion of my country in 1939, Poland was betrayed and abandoned by Great Britain and France, while there was a pact between those country to come to each others aid when in war with Germany.

    Is Monica another snake … ?

  6. Steven adams

    “Wow that didn’t take long.

    Within days of the formation of a new political party I have become the subject of online attacks. I guess that is not surprising really.

    I don’t usually respond to online gossip but in this instance, I believe instinctively, I should. Simply because since we started the party, the online threats and bullying have come in hard and fast and this one is particularly close to home.

    There is a specific online post that falsely claims that I ‘stole a Facebook page’. I will plainly state…this is not true!

    I did assist to improve the page but claim no ownership of the page, its content or any claimed IP.

    The simple fact is…there have been THREE name changes to the page and the person making the allegation has tried to look for the original page name. It appears they either can’t find it (due to name change) or are trying to create an issue that does not exist and are now claiming that I stole it or deleted it.

    I was removed from the Facebook page on May 5 and restate that I have no ownership, control or otherwise involvement in this Facebook page whatsoever.

    I have provided all explanation and evidence of these facts to that person and pointed out they are making a technical error in trying to locating the Facebook page under its original name. Anyone whom understands Facebook can clearly see that the name has changed and it’s still the same page.

    See posted screenshots for your own independent assessment.

    That person now has full ownership of that page and I am not involved with it whatsoever.

    The reason I believed I had to address this specific issue is because I read comments from people who seem genuinely hurt and sad to think that I would do that.

    I can assure you…I did not and certainly would not!

    It’s very easy to cast negative dispersions on a person for whatever reason someone chooses. This should be the end of the matter because all of this is very clear. If it turns out not to be the end of the matter, then you should perhaps question the motives behind it.

    All I can ask is that you do your own proper assessment and then formulate your own opinion.

    For those of you who know me, you know the answer already.

    Let us not be divisive and get on with the bigger task at hand of making a positive difference to government in this country.”
    Monica Smit

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Very convenient. Obfuscation. Just tell her to reply to my 3 questions. That’s what I will assess. All other stuff is pure garbage.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I won’t call her a “snake”: that’s inappropriate. I think she is a misguided woman who believes in shortcuts in life.

  9. Jon

    Sanjeev, I think there have been some honest mistakes and misunderstandings here. Monica wanting to steel your Facebook Page makes no sense. Monica has stated a few times over the last few months that RDA were no longer working with Team Australia and my guess is this is due to miscommunications and misunderstandings and differences in perspectives and approaches. Attempting to discredit Monica based on semantics only weakens the whole movement which you are both important leaders of. We need to be different to how the major parties work and find more mature ways to resolve our differences. This is what will set us apart from those currently in power.

  10. Christina Harlan

    This is very disgusting behaviour ! If Monica cannot be trusted , then she should get out of this movement ASAP ! We have enough snakes to deal with in Politics , especially at this critical time , and having Monica behaving like this , thieving and lying , is a big liability .
    Please Monica come clean and get out !

  11. Ludwig Van

    Disappointing. We don’t need another war in the movement. But if what you say is true, then she needs to be singled out.
    Monica, if you truly didn’t do this, then prove it. I will keep my judgement until I see clear evidence.

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Jon, there has been no miscommunication. The act of taking away my admin access to the third front FB page – which I repeatedly told Monica that I was continuing with (she can’t decide or destroy my strategy or plans! I believe and continue to believe in the third front) was no “misunderstanding”. Let her answer my 3 questions. The facts speak for themselves. Denial is not an option.

  13. Tema

    This is very upsetting to hear just when things are starting to look up for our freedom fighting. It is our hope that all you leaders are united, but it dosent seem like it. All I can say may God help us & whatever or whoever that is on board for their own gains be brought to light.

  14. Marina

    Hi Sanjeev
    I have read all the information you have written, it seems Monica has wronged you terribly. We need honest trustworthy people in our Party and this doesn’t seem to be the case.
    “Monica please see the error of your ways and don’t go down the path like all the other Political Parties, come forward and show you have principles. You will have to live with what ever decision you make, let it be the correct one.”
    Keep up the good work Sanjeev.

  15. Ayran

    STUPID, utterly STUPID, to be concerned and possessive of “intellectual property” — and particularly so when it’s concerns the formation and advancement of a crucial political movement in Australia. All ideas and proposals that may be useful for this crucial initiative need to be openly discussed shared and distributed without any concerns about just where they came from or who came up with them in the first place.
    Being in the least concerned about “personal ownership” of anything in this necessarily collaborative enterprise, is a sure and major sign of dysfunction by whatever individuals or persons raise it as a “theft” or concern of any kind.
    Grow up and wake up to what is needed here — and drop your huge issue and concerns about “private property”.

  16. Rod Schneider

    Monica is innocent until proven guilty.

    Monica has publicly stated she “did assist to improve the page but claim no ownership of the page, its content or any claimed IP… See posted screenshots for your own independent assessment.”

    Sanjeev, can you please confirm that you now have full ownership of that page and Monica is not involved with it whatsoever?

  17. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Once again lies. She did claim ownership of the page – I have posted the screenshot of the SMS msg I got from her. Indeed, she claimed that to others, as well.

    Why don’t you ask her to answer the three questions I have posed?

    And yes, I removed Monica entirely from page on 5 May 2021 after I confirmed that on 24 March she had sneakily removed my admin access.

  18. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I ask you to tell me if I had stolen RDA’s FB page would you say the same – about this being a minor, “stupid” issue?

  19. Walter Strohbeck

    Integrity, trust and unity are core values for me. But what’s left now ? Who will organise and sustain a viable Australian Freedom Alliance ?

  20. Brom Harbinger

    Monica is a grifter. The RDA is but a vehicle for her ego and profit. She isn’t even bothering to hide behind a Political Party, Not-for-profit organisation or an Incorporated Association. RDA is a straight out Private Company with Monica Smit as the Managing Director, from which she draws “directors fees”.


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