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Confirmation directly from the Swedish Public Health Agency that Sweden WILL have vaccine passports

This response from the Swedish public health agency to my email to Anders Tegnell needs to be carefully mulled over.

How is this even happening? I’m seriously disappointed.

But note this is because of “international demands” (EU’s corrupt people, basically). The have not done this because of advice from Tegnell or from their own health agency.

Swedish politicians needed to have fought these “international demands”. This is their failure, not that of Tegnell.

Nevertheless, this means I’m not going to be visiting Sweden (or the EU) anytime soon. Humanity has entered a deep black hole when even Sweden is being forced to implement such a draconian measure comparable with the Jew star in Nazi Germany.

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Dear Ms/Mr Sabhlok,

Thank your for your email. Anders Tegnell has read your email but is unable to personally respond to all those who email him.

The Swedish Government has given The Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) the mission to create a digital infrastructure for completed vaccinations, the Green Certificate. The goal is for the proof of completed vaccination to be available in June. As it’s ready to be used, people that have been vaccinated against COVID-19 would get a Green Certificate as proof of that. The Green Certificate would then be available digitally or on paper. The Green Certificate is being issued to conform with international demands and will be able to be used for example for travels. [Sanjeev: this suggests corrupt Swedish politicians have buckled to corrupt EU/ international pressure.] You can read about it here (in Swedish)

Those in charge of vaccination can issue a document of vaccination, which proves that a person has been vaccinated. This document can, however, not be used for travels. You can read more about it at the website of The Agency for Digital Government here (in Swedish)

The different countries of the European Union are cooperating to develop a so called Green Card Certificate to make it easier to travel between the countries. The certificate is to contain a proof of vaccination, proof of a negative test for COVID-19 or proof of a positive test for COVID-19.

You can read about the above mentioned information on our website (in Swedish), please see

There´s also more information at The Swedish E-health Agency (E-hälsomyndigheten), please see (in Swedish)

Kind regards


COVID-19 Response Service

The Public Health Agency of Sweden


Dear Dr Tegnell

I just discovered an article that claims that Sweden is going to implement vaccine passports.

I have watched almost all your interviews over the past year and I recall you had said that all vaccines in Sweden are voluntary and that you get over 94% compliance voluntarily.

Is it true that despite a sterling record in dealing with the pandemic, Sweden is now going to implement the most draconian measure of all – a vaccine passport?

Please respond with Yes or No given you are busy.

A background note: I have resigned my job in Melbourne to fight public health terrorism in Australia – now I’m into politics. I always cite Sweden as the example of best practice on everything. I obviously do not agree that a vaccine passport is required or even acceptable in a civilised society. I hope this news is false.

My book, The Great Hysteria and The Broken State, and a detailed complaint to the International Criminal Court cites your work extensively.




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