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A very negative view of covid vaccines by a doctor whom I have come to admire: Peter McCullough

Someone shared this video yesterday. I flicked through it – seems worth sharing. He says clearly that never has a vaccine that has caused so many direct deaths ever been allowed in human history. Vaccines are pulled from the market for far fewer deaths.

And someone sent this email, which I’m also sharing. Note that my view remains simple: people ought to consider any risks and benefits and decide for themselves. I’ve provided some analysis at:



If you have had Covid, you already have immunity therefore no need to get the shot.
Vaccine immunity is nowhere near as good as natural immunity.
Peter McCullough MD, MPH  talks of malfeasance of agencies for promoting this. If you had covid then get the jab you have a higher risk of adverse effects. He is a cardiologist, treats Covid patients, is pro-vax, has written 40 publications on Covid and led early the treatment initiative in the U.S.  Has examined and treated more patients than any TV / media doctor or agency staffer. His opinions are highly qualified. After seeing all the deaths and hospitalisations from the Covid shot he can no longer recommend this shot to any individual.
The T-detect test can show antibodies. If you donate blood they use the ortho-clinical diagnostic antibody assay and if you’ve had covid, you can donate blood if you are positive for antibodies. But FDA and blood centres have said they won’t accept blood from vaccinated people. (Comment: this means in the future there will be a permanent shortage of blood in blood banks).
The vaccine causes the spike protein to reproduce uncontrollably. The spike protein damages endothelial cells, causes blood clotting, damages brain, lungs, kidneys, heart, and the placenta and uterus in pregnant women. Babies drinking milk from vacc’d mother can die.
Spike proteins bind to ACE2 receptors inducing multi-system inflammatory disease.
Do vaccines stay at injection site or go to brain? Spike proteins and mRNA are distributed widely through the body.
There is no standard with unbiased doctors advising agencies about reducing / mitigating risk  Should happen in every clinical study. Yet the CDC, FDA and NIH do not have external sets of doctors to monitor data safety.
The CDC on March 8 announced that they had reviewed the deaths of 1600 vaccinated people and incredulously declared them unrelated to the jab. The CDC did not get source documents and didn’t have time to review every death. They have resuscitation equipment in the vaccine centres. Norway studied 23 deaths of feeble people in a nursing home and discovered 36% were either directly or very likely directly linked to the jab. He feels the younger the person is the more likely their death within a few days of the shot is even more likely linked to the jab.
The deaths are underreported. In the case of the HPV vaccine a paper suggested that less than 1% of people reported side effects. The local vaccine centre nearby has been empty for weeks. Virtually everyone in America knows of someone who died or was hospitalised after getting the jab. The NIH is the patent-holder on the Moderna shot so they have a conflict of interest. They are worried about ‘vaccine hesitancy’ but the worst form of vaccine hesitancy is hospitalisation and death.  Americans are figuring this out. There is a vast number of people for whom the vaccine is contraindicated. America has no international collaboration, no oversight panels.
What is the risk to benefit for children? Dr Scott Jensen (R) says children have no opportunity for benefit and great risk of harm. Yet now they are pushing vaccines into the schools! North Carolina says kids 12-17 can make an independent decision to get the Pfizer shot without parental consent. These kids could be coerced to get jabbed in order to play sport, join a social club etc. He himself has never been more distraught because of where this is going.  He urges all employers, states, colleges, schools, churches to immediately cease and desist the vaccination program. Let the vaccines be offered through the vaccine centres and let it be elective. Government needs to have clinic event committees and monitoring boards to get the safety assessed and let’s start risk mitigation. This program has to get safer. They’re already talking about boosters in the Fall!
Find his work on He has filed the McCullough Report and has brought in experts from all over the world  including leading epidemologists, experts on testing and treatment etc. It cannot be a needle in every arm. Some states are registering zero Covid deaths per day meaning we have more vax deaths than covid deaths. Vaccination has less than 1% public health benefit. It settled down people’s fear. 60% of his patients had the vax but got Covid and are angry. We need to pause the program or shut it down.
We have effective, safe, proven early treatments (ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesonide) vax is not necessary. Those doctors criticising him should hang their heads in shame as they did nothing to stop millions of hospitalisations and deaths that could have been prevented.
Credits to Del Bigtree of the Highwire
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