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A question about IMOP – happy to receive informed inputs

Over the past few months, I have formed a truly positive impression of Michael O’Neill, President of IMOP.

But a few days ago someone has raised concerns with me about Barbara O’Neill.

I will need to look at this issue carefully before reviewing my current position re: Michael. I have seen too many corrupt regulators and government officials in my life to believe only their side of the story. For instance, there is unequivocal proof of Narendra Modi’s involvement in the riots that killed over 1000 innocent Muslims in India – and his connivance with the lynchings of Muslims in India is also equally unequivocally proven. Yet the “regulators” of India, one of the most corrupt group of people in that country, have given him a clean chit by ignoring the facts that were staring at them in the face. There are MANY other such incidents I know of across the world. Regulatory capture and corruption is just too chronic a problem to ignore.

I would therefore like to understand Barbara’s story properly before forming a view. I will soon get a copy of Michael’s book, The Assassination of Barbara O’Neill. [See YouTube video here]. But I will only be able to consider this issue after I have finished lodging ARP’s registration application with the AEC. That means I can’t examine this for a few more weeks.

In the meanwhile I invite those who have actually (and thoroughly – please!) studied this matter to write their findings either on this blog or to send me an email at

At this moment I maintain a fact-finding stance.


Mr O’Neill is a co-director with his wife, Barbara, in a health retreat venture in NSW. I attach a copy of the findings against Mrs O’Neill from the Health Care Complaints Commission, together with articles below regarding the findings against Mr and Mrs O’Neill’s venture at Misty Mountains and the revocation of charity status by the Charities Commission.

Health retreat run by banned wellness coach Barbara O’Neill under investigation | Health | The Guardian

Adventist Nutritionist Banned For Life by Health Care Commission — Fulcrum7

IMOP Policies (

Misty Mountain Health Retreat Ltd loses ACNC charity registration (

Barbara O’Neill – Wikipedia

I think you will agree that most reasonable people would have ethical concerns about the activities described.


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One thought on “A question about IMOP – happy to receive informed inputs
  1. Nat

    The findings of the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission provides about as much detail as you can find anywhere.
    Regardless of her aspirations and work I couldn’t trust someone who doesn’t attempt to maintain her qualifications or keep up with the new aspects of her chosen field.
    Barbara is not qualified to provide health care advice or services.

    Health Care Complaints Commission


    3.4 In her resume (Tab 1), Mrs O’Neill states that she was a psychiatric nurse at the North Ryde Psychiatric Hospital between 1974 and 1976. At the interview, Mrs O’Neill confirmed that she was a trainee nurse during this period and did not sit her final exams at the end of the 3 years to obtain a badge of registration by state registering authorities.3 Mrs O’Neill did not return to nursing at any stage after 1976.4

    3.5 The next qualification listed in Mrs O’Neill’s resume is a Diploma in Naturopathy obtained from the ‘Thompsonian Institute Australia’ in 1990. At the interview, Mrs O’Neill clarified that the Thompsonian Institute was run by Mr Fred Steed at Coffs

    Harbour, who is no longer alive and therefore, the Institute is not operating in Coffs Harbour anymore. Mrs O’Neill explained that she did not undertake any coursework and the Diploma had been awarded to her under the grandfather clause because of her work “helping young mothers” in the region.5 Internet searches by the Commission have not found any information about the Institute, however, searches have confirmed that Mr Fred Steed was an herbalist in Coffs Harbour who died in 2007. Mrs O’Neill states that she has lost her certificate of Diploma. Given the circumstances, the Commission has been unable to verify Mrs O’Neill’s qualification. However, the Commission’s research via the Australian Government training website6 indicates that the Thompsonian Institute is neither a current or past Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and does not appear at any time to have been an approved RTO to deliver a Diploma of Naturopathy.

    3.6 The last qualification in Mrs O’Neill’s resume is a Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics from the ‘International Christian and Natural Therapist Inc’ (“I.C.A.N.T Inc.”). At the interview, Mrs O’Neill confirmed this qualification took her three to four years to attain and involved a correspondence course and two weeks of face-to-face lecturing every year. Mrs O’Neill has provided the Commission with her certificate of Diploma and miscellaneous coursework material in relation to this qualification (Tab 18). According to Mrs O’Neill, I.C.A.N.T Inc was a recognised training organisation, however it “shut down” approximately 3 years ago. Mrs O’Neill claims her qualification was at “Bachelor of Science level”.7 Internet searches by the Commission have not found any information about the organisation apart from an old Facebook page which contains no details. ASIC searches have revealed that the organisation was registered in Queensland as an Association with registration number IA18119 on 12 June 1997 and deregistered on 19 April 2018. Given the circumstances, the Commission has not been able to attain any further information about Mrs O’Neill’s qualification from I.C.A.N.T Inc. However, the Commission’s research via the Australian Government training website indicates that I.C.A.N.T Inc is neither a current or past RTO and does not appear at any time to have been an approved RTO to deliver a Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    3.7 During the interview, Mrs O’Neill confirmed that she has never held any membership with any professional associations and she conceded that she does not meet the minimum qualification requirements for membership.8 The Commission’s inquiries have confirmed that the Australian Natural Therapists Association require a bachelor’s degree or graduate diploma; the Nutrition Society of Australia require a 3 year university degree or equivalent; the Dieticians Association of Australia require a master’s or bachelor’s degree and; the Naturopathe Association of Australia require a bachelor’s degree (from 2016).


    6.8 It was also apparent during the interview that Mrs O’Neill did not understand the pertinent details of the literature she has been quoting in her publications. Mrs O’Neill made reference to Simoncini’s “90% success rate with cancer” yet could not explain what “success” in relation to cancer actually refers to.

    6.9 The Commission is concerned that Mrs O’Neill was unaware of Infant Nutrition Guidelines published by the NHRMC prior to Person A’s complaint. Familiarity with these guidelines would be reasonably expected of a nutritionist professing to be a “specialist in women’s and children’s health”34. Even more concerning was that Mrs O’Neill displayed a lack of insight about the need for someone in her role as a nutritionist and health educator to be cognisant of such information. Further, Mrs O’Neill was disingenuous when confronted with the fact that her published advice regarding substitution of breast milk with raw goat’s milk contravened these guidelines. Mrs O’Neill did not accept responsibility and denied that she had meant “raw” goat’s milk.


    I personally want people I go to for advice about something going on in my body, that might be worrying me, to understand more about it than me. That’s the whole point of going to someone for help and guidance.

    The ban on Barbara O’Neill providing health advice or treatment is absolutely valid. It’s also something she could rectify by going and getting the relevant up-to-date qualifications in her field and registering as a practitioner, as is required by Australian law.

    Details are here and the official summary of the complaints, investigation, and findings are linked within.


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