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A new political party in Australia to fight public health terrorism. And ABC’s scurrilous attack on me and my work.

Some of you might have seen my recent article in The Spectator in which I outline why I have helped form a new political party – Australia’s Representatives – to fight the betrayal of laws and ethics in Australia by the major political parties. I will contest the seat of Menzies in the forthcoming federal elections.

In the meantime, from out of the blue ABC launched an attack on me and my work on 16 April 2021. Someone is obviously getting the shivers that I’m going to expose their lies to the people – why else would ABC spend time on me?

But the ABC probably doesn’t know my life history – that I have relentlessly fought lies and corruption at every step of my life. Morrison’s broadcasting corporation is not exempt.

If anyone knows a libel lawyer willing to help me sue ABC, please write to me at – or if you have any other advice on how I might best proceed to hold ABC to account.

My complaint to the ABC, lodged a few minutes ago:

I am writing to strongly object to ABC’s personal attack on me in the above cited article. Its baseless and false claims amount to libel.

I have rebutted ABC’s false claims in the following three articles on my Times of India blog:


I want the ABC to immediately retract its scurrilous claims about me and my work. I also want space of around 2000 words on ABC’s portals to refute ABC’s bogus claims.

Further, apparently, according to ABC, Twitter and Linkedin have removed me for “spreading misinformation”. Where is ABC’s evidence for such a claim? ABC must demonstrate evidence for this scurrilous claim or apologise for false reporting.

Note that ABC did not ask me for comments regarding any of my alleged positions or its claims before attacking me in the public realm. This can only be called yellow journalism and the complete betrayal of journalistic ethics.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “A new political party in Australia to fight public health terrorism. And ABC’s scurrilous attack on me and my work.
  1. Halina K W

    So sorry to hear about ABS’s attack on you. Serena Tefaha would be the perfect lawyer to assist but she unlawfully and shockingly Di-lincenced!
    Please read more here:


    A year has passed since the covid-gangrene has been consuming social fabric in every dimension. The rule of law disappears, values disappear, nation states disappear, family disappears, social ties disappear. Governments break the law, the opposition supports the government’s dictate. Health apartheid is introduced. The right not to be informed about our health condition ceased to apply, and segregation became a fact. Doctors kill the sick, journalists fabricate sensational reality. Mannequins under respirators, stagings in front of hospitals, imaginary statistics – this is today’s journalism.
    Children are drowning in silence, they become depressed, tired of isolation. They don’t learn social behavior, they don’t express emotions, they don’t develop properly.
    Parents do not fight for the development and health of their children. Teachers don’t fight for schools. Doctors don’t want to heal. And entrepreneurs have obediently closed their businesses and are waiting for bankruptcy.
    The world has turned upside down. The virus is so “dangerous” that the masks are thrown into ordinary garbage cans instead of the biohazard container.

    The flu scared people to such an extent that for the mask they would kill others, although a rag does not protect anyone from anything. And the rulers behave as if the people were their private farm. History repeats itself and nations learn nothing. Once they stood in line at the bathhouse, got Zyklon B. They obeyed and only the disobedient survived. Now they stand in lines for a pinch, not realizing that they don’t need it for anything. Societies have lost their self-preservation instinct. They boldly line up for a medical experiment, risking their health and life to be given the right to be free. They will give their health and life for the right to board the plane, for the right to enter the gallery. They will give up their children’s lives. And they do not have the courage to remove the rags from their faces, which while wearing them, they created this circus themselves and allowed themselves to be deprived of their freedom and dignity. Smoke and ash. Scorched Earth. Burned-out feelings. Muted emotions. A dim joy. Waiting for a miracle.
    Are we witnessing the collapse of civilization? The functioning of societies has been dependent on tests that fail to detect the virus. Which even from “tap water” become positive. Simple cold, some runny nose, and people are running for a test, winding up sick statistics. Doctors betraying us for the silver coins. People are waiting for operations to take place. It means a total collapse of the health service. This is a planned action aimed at eliminating the sick, and the weakest. In the spirit of eugenics! Extermination. But the masked man helped create this system. We are allowing it. It is us who pass the sentence on our relatives, parents, who are refused surgery in the hospital by this circus. When will people finally get it ?!
    This pandemic is planned for March 31, 2025 – until there is nothing left of the middle class.
    A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist from a Southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. Why ?: Covid-19 was not found in one of the 1,500 samples of people tested “positive”. It turned out that ALL people have flu A, and to a lesser extent flu B. This is in line with previous findings by other scientists, about which we have written several times. Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected 1,500 presumptive positive Covid-19 samples to Koch postulates and placed them under an electron microscope (SEM), we found NO Covid in all 1,500 samples. We found all 1,500 samples to be mostly influenza A and some influenza B, but no case of Covid virus. We did not use the bull *** PCR test ”. Covid has never been discovered at 7 universities!
    People have given power over their body to someone who does not care about it at all. For what ?!
    The new normal is abnormal! This virus is bogus! Most people have been fooled by fear propaganda. This carefully planned pandemic hoax follows an ideological program; The Great Reset ”, which aims to destroy most of the West’s society and economy, and then wants to submit to the global technocratic communist climate vaccine dictatorship in which all our freedoms, civil rights and self-determination rights are completely ended.
    Freedom is not forever. One have to fight for freedom. It needs to be cared for.
    Only in freedom can one develop normally.


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