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What will Australia look like on 25 April 2021, this year’s ANZAC day?

Received this well-written email. I might not agree with everything in this email but it does raise the most important issues for Australia. I encourage all Australians including all soldiers who fight for Australia to read this.


Next month we will commemorate Anzac Day. This day is to remember the brave soldiers and other important helpers who fought for our freedoms against tyranny, totalitarianism and communism, not just in the First World War, but in other wars since then.

Historically both Labor and Liberal governments have been united in defending our freedoms and human rights. Not so any more.

This year, as we commemorate Anzac Day, we must face the reality that our wonderful, unique, democratic country has deteriorated into a totalitarian state from within, headed by a spineless, lying, hypocritical and fraudulent PM who doesn’t act in the best interests of our country or its people. Our federation has collapsed into individual states with their own dictators who hide behind unelected health officials. Together they concoct contradictory and inconsistent edicts which cannot be supported by sound scientific research and which are often contrary to WHO guidance, which they claim to follow.

Our federal health minister was the Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum in Geneva from 2000 to 2001, so he’s very familiar with Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset blueprint where we will all own nothing and be happy while the elites own and control everything. No thanks Greg!

Together with the media, they manipulate the population to fear a virus which hasn’t even been isolated and for which they use an unreliable PCR test. By fraudulently running the tests at too many cycles, they report the number of “infected” cases and misrepresent and overstate deaths caused by the virus. They fraudulently mandate lockdowns, mask wearing, border closures and business shutdowns based on inaccurate data and contrived states of emergency. This is a flagrant violation of our human rights!

Even though there is a better than 99.5% recovery rate for most people who contract the virus, and there are a number of safe and proven treatments available (some of which have been withdrawn from the market), our governments pursue an experimental vaccination policy through misinformation and coercion.

We are told the poisoned concoctions are safe and have been rigorously evaluated (not tested) when in fact the TGA has provided labelling exemptions and just rubber stamped the information provided by the pharmaceutical companies and granted provisional approval.

On 20th February 2021 Greg Hunt openly stated that “the world is engaged in the largest clinical trial; the largest global vaccination trial ever” and that every Australian should be vaccinated even though:

  • We may still catch the virus
  • We may still pass it on to others
  • We can’t be sure it will work against future strains of the virus
  • We may need to be re j@bb E D because the v@cc in e will only work for a short time
  • You don’t know effective the V @ cc I n e $ will be
  • We’ll still have to social distance and won’t be able to hug our loved ones
  • We’ll still have to wear masks

And the “experts” have no idea of what the long-term effects of the v @ cc in es will be.

We are told the jab is voluntary, but if we don’t have it, we won’t have a vaccination passport, we won’t be able to catch a plane, train, bus or ferry, we won’t be able to go to pubs and restaurants, theatres, cinemas and concerts and we’ll have great difficulty going about our daily life. In Israel, unvaccinated people are prevented from entering some supermarkets!

During Nazi Germany, the Jews were victimised by describing them as disease carriers and they were marked with a yellow Star of David. The world was appalled by the way the Jews were treated and some of the perpetrators appeared at the Nuremburg trials. Thus was to be a warning for future generations and leaders.

In today’s Australia, our governments and media are turning our people against each other by telling us that a non-vaccinated person places the rest of the community at risk. They want to reinforce this fear mongering through the vaccination passport and by restricting the freedoms of unvaccinated people. If this were actually true, then the whole argument for vaccinations falls apart, yet the uneducated, unthinking and unintelligent masses blindly follow the governments propaganda eagerly lining up for the jab as soon as possible.

We are told the jab is voluntary but the government’s immunisation medical exemption form IM011 only provides for an exemption if you can prove you have had anaphylaxis and can provide a date. This form completely and arbitrarily overrides a doctor’s professional advice based on his or her detailed knowledge of a patient’s medical history and vulnerabilities. What about a person’s naturally acquired immunity to the virus? In India doctors are now conceding that because so much of the population has contracted the virus and survived, there is no reason for people who have natural immunity to be vaccinated.

It is absolutely unconscionable to demand that everybody be vaccinated, irrespective of their medical conditions, especially when these vaccines are still experimental and only provisionally approved without adequate testing!

The TGA has said that we cannot be told what vaccine we are being offered or details of the ingredients, so we can’t identify the vaccine.

I’m curious to know how it is possible to give valid consent for something when you don’t even know what it is or what’s in it?

Any ideas? How could this even be upheld in a court of law?

Instead of clearly explaining the benefits (if any) of the vaccination programme to the Australian people and the risks involved, our Prime Minister repeats his mantra that the vaccines are safe, have been properly approved (even though he ordered the vaccines long before they were PROVISIONALLY approved), that side effects will be reported (after a 3month delay) and that the programme is voluntary. He repeats his propaganda without offering any evidence to the Australian people and because he can’t sustain his concocted misinformation, he announces that critical thinkers and dissenters will be intimidated if they continue to question the official narrative. This is typical of a dictatorship. This is very un-Australian. It is dishonest and gutless. It demonstrates a lack of strong and visionary leadership.

Contrast that with the statesmanship and courage of John Howard when he campaigned for the introduction of the GST during the October 1998 election and won re-election. Even though it wasn’t popular at the time (I wasn’t a fan) he believed it was best for Australia. He championed his case relentlessly with examples and reams of documentation, so much so, that even people who didn’t like the new tax regime, believed it was best for the country and re-elected him. He didn’t seek to silence or intimidate his opponents. He was transparent about the GST and he had the political guts to fight for what he believed in. Even his strongest opponents respected him for his courage and leadership.

Even Keating who was a strong advocate for the GST previously, didn’t have the courage to fight an election on this issue even though he was a formidable debater.

Now we are told that the Australian Defence Forces are being deployed to help administer the vaccines. We are turning the soldiers who previously fought for our freedoms against the Australian People. The tyranny our soldiers fought against in foreign lands is now firmly entrenched in our own country. How is this OK?

As a proud Australian, I’m deeply saddened by how quickly our once united country has deteriorated into a collection of tyrannical states with leaders now proudly, defiantly and repeatedly acting in contravention of our constitution with the acquiescence of a spineless, lying national puppet for the pharmaceutical industry.

A person who has indemnified pharmaceutical companies from any liability for vaccine injuries and who smiles as he tells the Australian people that they can safely take the jab.

Prime Minister, Greg Hunt and State Premiers, if the jab is such a good idea for us all, put your money where your big mouths are and let us decide for ourselves. We a smart enough to make our own decisions and we don’t need you to coerce and cajole us. Stop spreading your misinformation and turning one Australian against another.

It’s our body – our choice. Let those who want to be vaccinated get the jab and leave the others to live their lives in peace and freedom from your tyranny and oppression.

The Australian people have had enough!

We will decide what is right for us, not you!

As we gather to commemorate Anzac Day this year, may we also consider how we can replace our current leadership with people of integrity and respect for our fellow Australians and what our Anzacs bravely fought for in years gone by.




Sanjeev Sabhlok

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