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Update on PTSD-like fear among Australians

An email I just sent out to eminent scientists and also copied Ferguson


Hi all

As you might know, I resigned my government job to protest the police state in Australia, wrote a book, a complaint to the ICC, many articles, came on TV, but with none of these having an effect on the draconian policies of Scott Morrison, have decided to enter politics.

As part of this exercise I’ve been going around my local shopping centre to try to undo the hysteria in the minds of the people. An ongoing report on the toolkits I’m using for my experiments along with reports on what I’ve been finding – at

After three experiments to date I believe that our criminal politicians have made most Australians mentally ill – the harms from which are even more severe than what I had once anticipated. We may not have enough psychiatrists in the world to undo the mental illness induced by our politicians.

I find most Australians I meet presenting like patients with PTSD who are shell-shocked, in mortal fear and under the greatest possible stress. Their eyes display the deepest possible fear of “something in the air” even though Australia has had virtually no cases of covid for many months.

I suspect such people may never be retrieved and returned to normalcy – so deep are the grooves of fear etched into their brain.

A small proportion of the people I meet are willing to listen to reason but the vast majority don’t want to come anywhere near the facts. When presented with the facts they reject them and go off on a tangent.

Our criminal politicians who have brainwashed the people have benefited from the hysteria – but I fear this brainwashing is causing severe long term mental harm. In any case, this is not how public health should be done.

I’m also copying Neil Ferguson whom I’ve been in touch with in the past. Unfortunately I’ve concluded some time ago that Ferguson is a key contributor to the crimes against humanity being committed by governments worldwide. Ferguson – I ask you to look within: what have you done to the world?


Sanjeev Sabhlok



Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Update on PTSD-like fear among Australians
  1. Alex Deans

    Excellent that you are taking up the mantle of politics personally !
    I am reminded of the quote by Plato – if you don’t take an interest in the affairs of your government , then you are doomed to live under the rules of fools !!

    Please have patience with the Australian public as they have been brainwashed for so long ! I am reminded of Thucydides quote – that SO LITTLE pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand !
    However one big plus of Aussies is that once their dander is up they won’t stand for anything less than truth !

    May I wish you all the best on the high seas of politics !
    Alex Deans ( Healesville )

  2. Susan Foletta (Gippsland)

    You taking a no doubt well-considered leap into the political arena, is more than a little heartening to hear, Sanjeev. More people with your level of integrity are sorely needed in Canberra – and elsewhere. May we come together and take this head-on. Thank you.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Mine is not a “well-considered” leap into politics. I need to do it even if I only get my own vote. Life is not worth living if one doesn’t fight for liberty.

  4. Kim Cullen

    Blaming the government is the incorrect target. They listen to the “advice” of their experts. For example who does Dan Andrews listen to? Professor Pat McGorry. McGorry wants to ensure all of our children are screened for “emerging” mental illness and this agenda is now being considered by the Australian Government. Check out the recent Select Committee into MH and Suicide Prevention. What about Beyond Blue and Professor Hickie? The mental health budget has doubled and people are still being diagnosed with mental illness. Would love to discuss this with you.
    We have a lot of information on this that we would like to share.


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