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The fight for liberty is hard – but we must join hands to fight every inch of the way

My email sent out to a few people across India. Please share this post with anyone who could help:

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As you know, Swarna Bharat Party is India’s only party that fights for your liberty and basic human rights. All other political parties are hardcore socialists determined to further destroy India – India could have easily been richer than Singapore had we followed capitalism.

SBP is fighting elections in the next month. We need funds to compete in elections against corrupt “mainstream” political parties.

Please visit to find out more.

If we can generate Rs.2-3 lakhs in the next two weeks we stand a good chance of winning our first seat at the panchayat level. Once we have won a single seat, we’ll gain greater force and credibility for the future.

The hard work of at least 20 years – with the message of liberty shared at the grassroots for the first time in India’s history –  is now coming to its first major test. Winning seats in the Bhadohi elections is crucial.

Please chip in!! Even Rs.1000 will help.


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