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My note re: the criminal totalitarian Big Tech that are intent on destroying all semblance of liberty



I’ve not been putting out my normal posts on criminal totalitarian Facebook for many months now – but this post by Naomi Wolf (who is a leftist who believes in liberty – a strange combination, I find) is worth sharing since it discusses the issue I’ve been fighting against.
I’ve been literally butchered by criminal Big Tech for months on end. Today the only place I write freely is on Telegram. I’ve been banned permanently by Linkedin, banned twice by Facebook, twice by Twitter (currently under a ban).
These criminal Big Tech companies have destroyed the USA – and in this process, the free world.
Freedom depends on free speech but the Big Tech criminals have destroyed free speech and hence the very concept of liberty.
I am hoping that alternative platforms will emerge to crush these criminal organisations. This is not the way the internet was supposed to become when it started (and I was with its growth at *every* step of the journey).


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