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Appeal to my Indian citizen friends – to chip in a bit for INDIA’S ONLY LIBERAL PARTY


As you know, in January 2001 I gave up the life of privilege in the IAS in order to fight for the liberty of everyday Indians.
Since August 2016 I have succeeded – with the help of a team of like-minded Indians – to get India’s first liberal party – even superior to Swatantra Party – off the ground. The grassroots work that started in a village in Bhadohi district has now spread across India.

Now, after nearly 5 years of hard work, we will be contesting a handful of seats in Bhadohi and in the adjoining Mirzapur district during the forthcoming local government (panchayat) elections.

And we’ll contest at least one seat in the forthcoming Assam assembly elections.

If you can spare even 500 rupees this will go a long way in supporting this extraordinarily challenging work.

It is crucial for us to start winning elections. Any money that can be contributed immediately will go a long way in increasing the chances of winning the elections in the face of competition from criminal political parties that spend crores during elections.

Do you want a great India? Please spend a little bit of your money. It will support your own future – for there is simply no alternative for India but to get a major national liberal party.


If you have any question please write to me at

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