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A note based on WA election results – email sent to a few small parties

Extract from an email I sent out a moment ago

It seems that the small parties of Australia have received a strong signal from the voter. I’m sure they are all listening – but here are some of my thoughts for your consideration:

– No Mandatory Vaccine party – 1.6% of the vote
– Liberal Democrats – 0.5% of the vote

A question: I’m unclear why LDP could not persuade voters that it opposes mandatory vaccines. I thought that’s a core agenda of LDP?

– No Mandatory Vaccine party – 1.11% of the vote
– Liberal Democrats – 0.64% of the vote
– Great Australian Party – 0.24% of the vote
– Health Australia Party  – 0.2% of the vote

Voters are clearly committed to one of the two big parties. This can only change when they have reasons to be angry with both of them – and that won’t happen if they continue in their current state of covid panic. We have data to stop the hysteria (e.g. attached) but we need a strong and well-coordinated campaign.

A suggestion: Is it possible for as many parties as possible to come together to (1) launch a major educational project to end the hysteria, and at the same time (2) try to merge into a bigger political force? (From my studies to date, it should be relatively easy for the main issues of many of the parties to be absorbed into a single bigger party). If we succeed in doing that Australia can become a free nation, once again. Else, I believe we are doomed to continue to experience extreme public health terrorism and remain a totalitarian prison nation – with borders closed to the world for years on end. The actions of 2020 have also set a precedent for every minor flu that occurs in the future – we are now truly the slaves of government.

Australia is burning. In these dangerous times for basic human rights and liberty we have to set aside any differences to find a way out. What happened in the WA elections is a disaster and should be a wake-up call to all of us. We need to try very hard to go into the federal election with an entirely different and far more effective approach.
If this makes sense, please respond to everyone on this email and also involve others whom you believe might be interested. Or, if you have an alternative plan to liberate Australia from the communists currently in charge, please let us know, as well.

(As some of you are aware, I’ve suggested something on these lines here:  – happy to discuss/ continue discussion).

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