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The devious ways by which Scott Morrison is trying to make the covid vaccine mandatory

Read my book and ICC complaint about the statements made by Morrison and Andrews regarding MADNATORY vaccines. Also by Greg Hunt (plan to roll out vaccine to “all” Australians).



Safe Work Australia – which is an Australian government agency – stated on their website on Friday that businesses may be permitted to refuse entry to those who are not vaccinated, saying, ‘It is unlikely that WHS laws require you to ask customers and visitors for proof of vaccination. However, you might still want to require this as a condition of entry to your premises.’ The fundamental human right of informed consent to medical treatment requires the absence of coercion, as well as the absence of compulsion. A government agency allowing businesses to police vaccine compliance – while the prime minister states at the same time that the vaccine is ‘voluntary’ – is a cynical derogation of ethical responsibility.



SCREENSHOT SINCE ARCHIVE.ORG IS UNABLE TO ARCHIEVE THIS. Basically, by keeping provision for businesses to mandate the vaccine, the Australian government is breaching the Nuremberg Code.

Do I need to include mandatory vaccination as a control measure to comply with my WHS duties?

It is unlikely that a requirement to be vaccinated will be reasonably practicable.

This is because, for example:

  • at present, public health experts, such as the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has not recommended a vaccine be made mandatory in any industries
  • there may not yet be a vaccine available for your workers
  • your workplace is ‘low risk’, for example, your business is in a town with no community transmission or no customer facing roles, or
  • some of your workers have medical reasons why they cannot be vaccinated.

However ultimately whether you should require your workers to be vaccinated will depend on the particular circumstances at the time you are undertaking your risk assessment.

Some factors you should consider on an ongoing basis include:

  • Is the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee recommending COVID-19 vaccinations for all workers in your industry?
  • Will your workers be exposed to the risk of infection as part of their work? For example, hotel quarantine workers will be at higher risk of exposure when their work duties place them in contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19.
  • Do your workers work with people who would be vulnerable to severe disease if they contract COVID-19?
  • What is the likelihood that COVID-19 could spread in the workplace? For example, some work tasks may require your workers to work in close proximity to each other.
  • Do your workers interact with large numbers of other people in the course of their work that could contribute to a ‘super-spreading’ event if your workers contract COVID-19?
  • What other control measures are available and in place in your workplace? Do those control measures already minimise the risk of infection, so far as is reasonably practicable?
  • Would a requirement to be vaccinated be unlawful in the circumstances? For example, would it discriminate against a class of employees? If you need information on COVID-19 and Australian workplace laws, go to the Fair Work Ombudsman website.
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