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October 2020 notes on HCQ sent to me by someone

Haven’t had time to read all my emails. Got to this now, and believe it is important to have this on my blog for future reference:


Could the Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) issue be added to the claim to the ICC? Australia is one of the only countries in the world that has banned the drug to the point that in QLD, GPs can go to prison for up to 6 months. Close to 5bn people in the world have access to the drug and many people in developing countries are wondering why the West is doing this to itself. I am sure you already know the scientific literature is abundant. Australian’s bureaucracy bases its ban on just 1 study, the infamous RECOVERY study which has been debunked for months now.

Prof. Raoult in France is one of the leaders in this field and has always said this study is like “The Marx Brothers do Science”

(By the way in the video, he says experts from India are telling Oxford how to use the drug)

Meta-analysis show that when used early, HCQ reduces mortality by 40%.

Other sources:


This is something I wrote a few months ago to friends who didn’t know anything about HCQ and Prof. Raoult:

I’ve been learning about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) since February. The debate has been raging in France since then. It started much later in the US and Australia thanks to D. Trump and a controversial video. The way the US and AUS publics have been exposed to this complex issue couldn’t have been worse. I am no expert, but I don’t think it’s black & white. It rarely is. And I certainly hope nobody dies at the moment because of politics and financial interests.

Imagine being Professor Didier Raoult right now. He is considered the number 1 expert in the world in the vast field of communicable diseases.

With his team of Professors, Doctors and Researchers, he has published over 2300 research papers over the last 35 years and developed many medical protocols, some of them now being part of medical textbooks.

He runs the Institut Hospitalier Universitaire (IHU) Méditerranée in Marseilles France, which employs over 800 men and women. This institution possesses the most terrifying collection of “killer” bacteria and viruses in existence and is one of the world’s leading centres of expertise in infectiology and microbiology. Since the turn of the millennium, he and his team have studied the various spectacular viral epidemics and have established close scientific collaborations with the best of their counterparts in other countries. Their achievements include the discovery of treatments (using chloroquine, in particular…) which are cited today in all handbooks on infectious diseases throughout the world. HCQ is the most prescribed drug in the history of Medicine (with Aspirin).

(autogenerated subtitles available)

On February 26th, he published a resounding video saying: “Coronavirus, game over! »

The reason for his enthusiasm? The publication of a Chinese clinical trial on the prescription of chloroquine, showing suppression of viral carriage in a few days on patients infected by SARS-CoV-2. Studies had already shown the efficacy of this molecule against the virus in the laboratory (in vitro). The Chinese study confirmed this efficacy on a group of affected patients (in vivo). Following this study, the prescription of chloroquine was immediately incorporated into the treatment recommendations in China, South Korea and many other countries. It was only then a matter of refining the protocol with Zinc and an antibiotic to be determined. The Institute also operates a hospital which is quite handful to finetune protocols especially in the middle of a crisis.

During the peak of the pandemic in March/April, the Institute treated 3737 Covid19 patients with only 35 fatalities (0.9%). This put to shame all other hospitals in France which had rates of up to 20%.

Since then, 65 studies have been undertaken, a vast majority of them confirming the findings (when the protocol is strictly followed at the early stages of the disease or as prevention). Significant benefits include reduction of hospitalisations by up to 84%. Early treatment based on the protocol is intended to avoid hospitalisation. The alleged or actual negative results with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in some studies were based on delayed use (intensive care patients), excessive doses (up to 2400mg per day), manipulated data sets (the Surgisphere / LancetGate scandal), or ignored contraindications (e.g., favism or heart disease).

Since February, the debate has been raging in France, highlighting political and financial interests (too long to go into the details).

It seems that the same debate – in English this time – is only starting in the US and Australia.

The fact that HCQ is effective against infections with SARS coronaviruses was already established in 2005 during the SARS-1 epidemic. That zinc blocks the RNA replication of coronaviruses was discovered in 2010 by Ralph Baric, one of the world’s leading SARS virologists. That HCQ supports the cellular uptake of zinc was discovered in 2014 in the context of cancer research.

As usual, mainstream media (MSM) only shows part of the story. It’s much easier and lucrative to make a story about an orange celebrity than to properly investigate the multiple dimensions of the subject.

Not a word in MSM about the many countries that use the protocol: Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, India, China, South Korean and several other Asian and African countries…

Imagine being Professor Didier Raoult and his team right now. An orange reality TV star mentions the drug you’ve been working on for decades and suddenly, your expertise is compared to “injecting bleach” on social media.

Again, I am no expert, I am not saying Pr. Raoult and his team are 100% right. My point here is that people need to be exposed to the whole story before making up their mind. Lazy journalism and American partisanship don’t help. I certainly hope nobody dies at the moment because of politics and financial interests.

Meanwhile, the IHU in France keeps using their HCQ+Zn+AZT cocktail and they haven’t lost a single patient since May.

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